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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Farmhouse Fresh | Fresh Finds from the Farm

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I am currently a sleep deprived human, and I am the first to admit I don't tend to function well on less than eight hours. I am currently trying to train a kitten that not everything needs to be bitten. More specifically, my fleshy bits. If she's awake, she's either plotting her attack (and bite) or in the act of biting me. Is she adorable? You bet. Does she melt my heart when she crawls up in my arms for naps? You bet. Do I also kind of want to kill her after she's woken me up every hour and a half to play bite? I'll let you figure that one out... Toothy kittens have nothing to do with today's Farmhouse Fresh post, but I'm tired. Anyway, lets dig in to some especially great finds from the farm.

I'm going to sound like a total disaster, but my skin last week... 'Twas a royal mess (a rhymes with kit-show kind of situation, if you will.) I battened down, dug into some serious skincare, but took a few moments to use the Farmhouse Fresh Organics Will Dew Probiotic Milk Balancing Mask. I had already trialed it and was a fan, but on not-so-hot skin it fared even better.

The mask is from the new FHF organic line, and as such utilizes NSF/ANSI305 certified organic ingredients. More specifically, a blend of coconut milk, rice extract, aloe vera extract, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, lactobacillus, and an all-natural fragrance (a milky baby powdery type scent.) The mask uses the healthy milk bacteria to help maintain skin's microflora, which contributes to moisturization. The mask gives a skin a softy, dewy feel and works to calm irritations.

As my skin was in an angry state, I found this worked very well to gently hydrate, soothe, and in general calm it. I don't care for the scent- I think I overdosed on baby powder in 6th grade when I got a bottle of Love's Baby Soft- but it's something I can look past.

I'm always a fan of a body scrub (or four, my shower is always stocked with a few options) but the Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Cream Fine Body Scrub is going to be a constant for the foreseeable future. The fine textured scrub used salt as the exfoliator and offers the perfect level of scrubbiness- not too fine, but not too harsh (this baby bear approves!) The combination of fine salt and rice bran oil makes for a duo that scrubs and hydrates skin without any oily feel, and rinses cleanly and easily. The best part though? The scent. This has a warm, sweet creamy scent with a slight vanilla note. So good!

Last up, a staple product that has made my scratched and abused hands a little bit happier. The Farmhouse Fresh Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand Cream has a rich, yet non-greasy texture that uses shea butter with jojoba (high in vitamin e) and soybean oils to be hydrating for even the driest of hands. While FHF offers an array of scents, Fluffy Bunny is a brand favourite with a sweet mint julep meets cream and lavender. I thought it sounded like an odd combination, but it is so perfect. I love that the scent isn't overly strong, and does dissipate, but gives you a little "hey, there!" when you first apply.

I know it may sound biased, but I've truly been a fan of every Farmhouse Fresh product I've tried. They just make such great products and if you're like me, and enjoy a foodie scent, they've got you covered. What do you think, have you tried any of these products? Have a favourite product I need to try?

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