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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Feeling the... | Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

urban decay naked heat (2)
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Although I own Urban Decay Naked palettes 1-3, none have gotten their own official blog post. Mainly because I tend to drag my feet and really wait out my purchase. However, I was all over the Naked Heat and did something I've never done- pre-ordered. I figured I'd not only get my gorgeous palette a bit sooner, but I could also get my blog post out and into the world before a million and four other bloggers did. The universe had other ideas. My palette took a journey that did not end at my mail box. Of course, the one time I pre-order something it gets lost in the mail... Anyway, my second attempt arrived (yay!) so let's get to it.

urban decay naked heat (5)urban decay naked heat (3)urban decay naked heat (4)

I think most everyone is aware that warm, orangey-red tones are very trendy at the moment. A quick glance at Instagram and you're bombarded with the colour family. The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is not the first to play with such hues, but in y options, does so in way that is much more user friendly. While the shades within the palette aren't true neutrals, they do work as such within the warm, orange-red spectrum with none of the shades leaning too far in either territory. Basically, you can feel free to experiment with shades outside of your comfort zone without looking like a pumpkin or pink eye victim.

I can't say I love the packaging design of this palette, as to me, it's just meh. It definitely embodies heat and warmth, but I don't like the fonts or how it all comes together. That said, the plastic palette feels pretty sturdy, with a magnetic closure, full mirror, and dual ended brush. Plus, the insides are more important anyway...

Of the twelve shades in the palette, you get a nice blend of shimmers and mattes, with mattes making up most of the palette. I know, not something you usually get in Naked palettes, but a really nice change.
  • Ounce: ivory shimmer, great subtle highlight shade
  • Chaser: soft tan-nude matte
  • Sauced:soft terracotta matte
  • Low Blow: red-toned brown matte
  • Lumbre: copper shimmer with golden shift
  • He Devil: burnt red matte, I kind of wish it was called She Devil though. Anyone else remember the old Roseanne movie?

  • Dirty Talk: metallic burnt red
  • Scorched: deep metallic red with gold shimmer, super similar to Dirty Talk, unfortunately
  • Cayenne: deep, dusty terracotta matte
  • En Fuego: burgundy matte, firmer / drier texture
  • Ashes: blackberry red-brown matte, same drier texture
  • Ember: deep metallic copper with burgundy shift

Overall, I quite like the range of shades in the palette, if not for a few that are very similar to one another. I always find though, that the Naked palettes do feature shades that run very similar, which can result in overly congruous looks if you're only using the palette. I like contrast in a look- I don't want to use five shades that look like one on the lid- so I do find I can only create two or three unique looks using just the one palette. The upside to more mattes does make this palette a great companion to the UD Naked 3, as the Heat mattes can work very well with the rosy shimmers in 3. So, what do you think? Do you need this palette in your stash or are you passing?

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