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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Givenchy Noir Interdit Lash Extension Effect Mascara

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Mascara Monday is overrated. That, and I was not nearly organized enough to get a post up on Monday. Regardless, we're talking mascara today. No, not just any mascara, but a la-dee-da, fancy-ass, designer mascara. Whaaaat?! Normally, I avoid pricier mascaras as I haven't had the greatest experience with them and have found you can find some stellar drugstore options. But, as a mascara fan, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to slather on a new formula. The verdict? You'll have to keep reading to find out...

"Noir Interdit Mascara ensures that lashes are deeply reached—from the root up—for ultimate length. Featuring an innovative 90° bendable brush that’s inspired by Givenchy's backstage shows, this mascara offers a unique stretching formula to sweep on the ultimate lash extension effect—without compromising your lashes and customized volume. It seamlessly gives you intensely lengthened, volumized, and defined lashes."

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I won't toy with you and will get right to it- I like it! A lot. I haven't found a new mascara that I've really liked in a while, so I am very pleased. The Givenchy Noir Interdit Lash Extension Effect Mascara, housed in sleek black on black packaging with silver detailing, is pure refined elegance. I know, the packing doesn't make it perform any better, but if I'm paying almost $40, it softens the blow.

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While the formula performs pretty exceptionally, it's the brush that makes this mascara something special. I'll admit, I wondered if the 90 degree curve option (you can use it straight, if you prefer) was more gimmick than necessary function, but it does make application easier. I found the curve made application on my opposite eye (I'm right handed, so my left eye) easier, and grabbed more of the baby lashes without having to search them out.

The brush itself, is a silicone style, with small tapered bristles. The overall shape is perfect, as it's neither overwhelmingly large or small, and fits the eye well. The blunt tip on the end of the brush does collect product, but it's easily wiped off on the tube.

Before & After (slide it!)

The mascara is a deep black shade (it's only available in the one shade) and builds remarkably well. I was happy with two coats, but for testing sake, applied more (and more) and found the formula never gets clumpy or spidery. If volume is what you crave, this is the mascara for you. This lengthens quite well, but could hold a curl a bit better. That's really my only wish, but a lash primer does the trick (I will never be without the Stila one) if you have stubborn lashes.

Overall, I am really into this mascara. I won't mince words, I don't love the price-point, but it performs so well I convince myself it's worth it. What do you think? Are you a fan of high-end mascara? What is your must have formula?

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