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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

OPI Iceland Collection | Fall/Winter 2017

OPI Iceland Collection Fall Winter 2017 (1)::: press sample / affiliate links :::

It seems far too premature to be talking fall/winter, but we all know the beauty world marches through seasons at an accelerated pace. I actually don't mind, as fall is my favourite season and I have a penchant for the hues that accompany it. This year, OPI is taking us on an Icelandic voyage with their Iceland Collection, featuring a palette of rich hues that transition perfectly through fall to winter.

"This fall, journey to the land of fire and ice with the Iceland Collection by OPI. Featuring a palette inspired by the country's scenic, varied landscape of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields and glaciers, this collection offers a range of captivating, chic hues that portray the wild beauty of Iceland."

OPI Iceland Collection I'll have a gin & techtonicOPI Iceland Collection I'll Have a Gin & Tectonic

I'll Have a Gin & Tectonic is a muted, peachy cream shade with a nude tone. Peach isn't a shade I think of in a typical fall collection, but this tone works. The formula was patchy, but evened out more with the second coat. two coats.

Aurora Berry-alis is a muted berry pink cream. It's not all that ground breaking, but quite pretty with an easy formula. Two coats.

Reykjavik Has all the Hot Spots is a rosy-mauve shimmer. I wish this had been a foil (OPI tends to do amazing foils) but the finish looks better than I expected. Brushstrokes can be mostly avoided with careful application. The formula is thin and sheer, but does build easily. Two coats.

One Heckla of a Colour is a slightly dusted, lavender cream. It reminds me of a brighter take of OPI Feeling Sashy from the 2013 Miss Universe Collection so it's an instant hit with me. This shade is a nice transition shade from Summer to Fall and happens to have a perfect formula. Two coats.

Check Out the Old Geysers is a medium blue with a shot of glowy iridescent blue hidden within. I found the glow was less intense once the polish dried, but in the right light it really pops. Another easy formula. Two coats.

Turn on the Northern Lights! is a deep indigo-leaning blue with coppery micro glitter within. It's a stunner (and likely will be the most popular shade in the collection). The formula seems pretty sheer, but builds easily. two coats.

Suzi & the Arctic Fox is a deep, greyed-blue cream. The formula is super easy going, but more fluid than most of the other shades and can easily flood the nail. Two coats.

Less is Norse is what OPI calls a 'dark ice blue' I can't describe it any better, so we'll go with that. The formula is a bit thick, but applies evenly and levels well. Two coats.

This Isn't Greenland is a muted, mossy green cream. I don't know if I like this shade or not, as it's kind of toes the line between cute and ugly-cute. Another shade with a thicker formula, but it doesn't hinder application. Two coats.

Icelanded a Bottle of OPI is a putty-beige cream that I really love. It also has a love-able formula- two easy coats.

That's What Friends are Thor is a deep brown with a slight plummy undertone. The formula was on the uneven side with the first coat, but evens out perfectly on the second. Two coats.

Krona-logical Order is another deep brown cream, but with a cooler, grey undertone. The formula is a tad thick, but still easy. Two coats.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with this collection. The polish quality is great, and you're getting something different than the Fall-standard berry and red hues. I'm very partial to Check Out the Old Geysers, Turn on the Northern Lights!, Less is Norse, and Icelanded a Bottle of OPI at the moment, but I know more will surface as I wear my way through the collection. Oh, it should also be noted, OPI has offered up these shades in their regular (or classic) formula, Infinite Shine, and gel, so you've got every format covered. What do you think? Are you feeling this collection or need any of these shades?

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