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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Sweet Tooth | Waterbridge Smooth & Creamy Milk Chocolate Bars

the sweet tooth waterbridge smooth & creamy milk chocolate bars (2)
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I've been a bit of a bod blogger... I kind of (okay, totally) forgot about what was meant to be a monthly feature: The Sweet Tooth. Ooops? I really don't know how I did it, but whatever the reason, it's back! The very friendly peeps at Waterbrige sent a few of their new goodies after I featured some of their British candies (or sweeties, if you want to be all proper.) Their new Smooth & Creamy range features four milk chocolate bars, sure to please just about everyone, because really, who can pass up chocolate?

the sweet tooth waterbridge smooth & creamy milk chocolate bars (3)

Admittedly, I am quite often a dark chocolate eater, but as an overall chocolate lover, I see the appeal of milk chocolate. I mean, it's still chocolate, so that's a win right there. Granted, Waterbridge still makes milk chocolate better than your average bar. Their Smooth & Creamy range features imported Belgian chocolate that is super smooth (and, as the name implies, creamy) but not overtly sweet. Made with simple ingredients (like sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, and cocoa mass) the chocolate bars offer a the classic milk chocolate taste but with better quality you don't expect at such a low price-point. Seriously, these are big, weighty bars for a mere $3.

the sweet tooth waterbridge smooth & creamy milk chocolate bars (4)

The Smooth & Creamy range is home to four varieties, including the classic Milk bar. It's for purists, as it's is nothing more than plain milk chocolate. The Milk bars are obviously great for eating, but also great for baking, as they can easily be chopped and melted.

Caramel may or may not be one of my all time favourite things (after mint, that is) so the Caramel bar was a fast favourite with me. While it's not as weighty as the other bars, the large squares are filled with flowing, golden, caramel goodness that is pretty much perfection. 

the sweet tooth waterbridge smooth & creamy milk chocolate bars (1)

Now we get into the more controversial varieties. What, you didn't know chocolate could stir up serious opinions? The debate about both nuts and raisins in chocolate has been debated in my house (more than once, sadly) we take chocolate seriously. Where ever you fall, Waterbridge does offer an Almonds bar, that is choc-full of whole roasted almonds and a Fruit & Nut bar packed with roasted almonds and raisins. I am all about almonds, but not so much the raisins, but I was impressed by how much good stuff they cram into each bar.

Overall, some really great options if you've got a chocolate hankering. The Waterbridge Smooth & Creamy bars are available in Canada at Wal-Mart locations, should you need to scratch that chocolate itch too. What's your fave chocolate bar? Are you team milk or dark?

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