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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Mark Mod Collection | Eau de Toilette & Mod Pop Palette

mark mod collection::: press sample :::

What's black and white and red all over? Okay, red accents? The new 60's inspired Mark Mod Collection! Dressed in graphic black and white the collection is instantly striking, but is it worth the space in your beauty stash? Read on to find out...

mark mod eau de toilette & body lotion

The Mod Collection centres around the Mod scent (with accompanying body lotion, of course.) The scent is said to "channel an era of short skirts, extra-long lashes and graphic black-and-white prints" with its blend of rose, capucine florals and spicy nutmeg. I was quite intrigued by the spice aspect of this scent, especially for the fall season, but I really am not a fan of this scent. Usually, I can find something positive in every scent, but this just doesn't sit well with my nose. That said, the rose is very dominant, so rose lovers may enjoy this.

mark mod pop eyeshadowmark mod pop eyeshadow palette (2)

Okay, so the scent wasn't for me, but luckily the Mod Collection is also home to the Mod Pop Eyeshadow Palette. It features more of the asymmetric black and white print found on the perfume and a fairly large mirror on the inner lid. It includes twelve shadows designed to be 'muted brights' when used dry and bolder when applied wet.

Most the shadow are matte, and doe swatch pretty well (if not a bit powdery.) I found they did lose a fair bit of pigment when applied on eyes with a brush however, and yo really don't have much control or blend-ability when you apply them wet. Aside from the formula, I was underwhelmed with the colour selection. I like the idea of the shades, but overall the palette is sort of all over the place, and it's going to be hard to make many cohesive looks with just these shades.

mark mod pop eyeshadow palette (3)mark mod pop eyeshadow palette (1)
Mark Mod Pop Eyeshadow Palette (with House of Lashes x Sephora Everlasting Lashes)

I felt it was necessary to use the pale blue shadow, as it definitely was popular during the era this collection was inspired by. Knowing it didn't have a ton of pigment, I opted to go a bit smokey and use the lightest blue as my transition with the deeper grey-blue shade through the centre and the deep charcoal shade applied wet on the lid. For the most oomph out of this palette, a colour infused smoke is really your best bet, as there aren't many deep shades to get the necessary contrast out of the light shades.

Overall, I can't say I love this collection. Aside from the packing, the products just fell short for me. What do you think? Are you interested in any of these products?

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