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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Fast Five | High End Hair with Joico & Shu Uemura

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There is something to be said for good hair days. I recently re-vamped my hair colour (a mermaid-y blue-teal blend) and the change has definitely put some va-va-voom into my overall sense of self. No matter how you like your hair (myself? Messy curls with a lot of volume and texture) when it looks good, you can't help but feel good. The hard part, for me anyway, as I am not very skilled in the hair department, is getting it to that sweet spot. I've got your back though (but you knew that) with five products that make perfect hair so much easier to come by.

Joico is a brand that not only makes salon-level products at a super reasonable price-point, but they're also award winning. They've recently racked up a few Elle Grand Prix wins with their K-Pak Colour Therapy & Power Spray.

The Joico K-Pak Colour Therapy Lustre Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment may have a mouthful of a name, but it conditions so well I don't even mind. The treatment is amazing, especially  if you have processed hair, as it leaves damaged or dry hair feeling BRAND. NEW. It's beyond incredible. It boosts shine and leaves hair super manageable. Anyone who has ever rendezvoused with bleach knows how hard it can be to get through that first brushing... Maknketti and argan oils do the hydrating and protecting, while and silk, soy and seaweed extract give the 'slip' to prevent damage during brushing and styling.

In the styling department, the Joico Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray. As a former low maintenance hair girl (those days are long gone) hairspray became my first must have. While I've tried quite a few great ones, this might just be the best. Yeah, it's that good. Power Spray offers a customizable hold from medium to full that not only lasts for three (yup, 3 days) but is completely touchable, adds shine, is flexible, and with no sticky or firm feel. Better yet, it smells great (light and fresh) and works to protect hair from heat with a antioxidant/polymer blend.

shu uemura wonder worker

I am all about heat styling, but don't tend to use my blow drier very often. That was the first reason I loved the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Wonder Worker as it's designed for both air dry and blow dry. Labeled as a 'perfector' it is essentially a leave-in conditioner that works to detangle, condition, smooth, and tame frizz. A little spritz of the milky fluid-gel goes a long way as the formula features coconut oil and morigna extract. I've used this for both air drying and blow drying, but am especially pleased with how it transforms air dried hair with a smoother feel and shinier look.

I LOVE textured hair. Give me volume, wave, texture and a bit of matte... Hair perfection. To achieve such a look, I have a few staple products (this one is a MUST have) but have been subbing in the Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray in lieu of my usual (this one, btw.) It offers a light effect, but can be built up for more oomph if desired (always, in my case). It adds volume to my finer textured hair and of course, some texture but without the matte effect many texturizers leave. I love that this doesn't make my hair more prone to tangling and that it also seems to absorb oil, making my washings last a day longer. I use this to deconstruct curls (for a wavy undone look) and when I wear my hair smooth for a volume boost.

shu uemura volume maker

Speaking of volume, that is exactly what the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Volume Maker Invisible Texturizing Powder promises. Housed in a jumbo click pen with brush applicator, the powder is meant to offer volume directly where you need it. I love that this is so easy to apply right at the root for the most oomph, but I found it fell a bit flat (hair pun!) While my hair looked boosted when I first applied it, it really didn't last as well as I would have liked (even with hairspray in the mix.) It is travel-friendly though, so one could easily sneak away to re-volumize a 'do, if need be.

So, what do you need for your perfect hair day? Tried any of these products or want to?

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