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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick

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Little known fact about me, I love scary movies. Thing is, I really don't get scared anymore. At least, not by the typical horror fare. What does give me major creeps? Latex masks. Those fetish masks where your face is completely covered leave me feeling incredibly uneasy. Add gas masks (especially the old-timey style) and those invisible/black out masks and I'm out. Oh, and the Blue Man Group *shudders* those guys don't sit well with me either. Anyway, where was this going? Latex. Too Faced doesn't seem to have any phobias surrounding the glossy stuff, and has aptly named their newest Melted offering after it.

too faced melted latex liquified high shine lipstick (2)

The Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick brings the colour and opacity of a lipstick with the shine and and texture of gloss. We all know matte lips are here to stay, but glossy lips are seeing a resurgence as well. I have been living life on the glossier side lately, so I was really interested in what this hybrid formula could offer.

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"Using exclusive technology that keeps high-shine lipsticks liquid, Melted Latex redefines the lips with honey-like texture that ensures gloss clings to lips with a latex shine. The doe-foot applicator comfortably coats lips in bursts of intense, buildable, lacquered color that lasts for hours." - Too Faced

Housed in pretty standard lip gloss tubes, these feature a domed, scoop-like doe-foot applicator that is meant to pick up the perfect amount of product. Umm, not quite. I found I had to dip in quite a few times during application, but the upside is that the wand doesn't flood or lips, and as I later learned, less is more with this formula (more on that in a moment.)

too faced melted latex liquified high shine lipstick (4)too faced melted latex liquified high shine lipstick swatches (1)

Although these are labeled as liquid lipsticks, the texture is pretty much that of a thicker gloss and most shades don't offer full opacity. It's got a bit of tackiness, although the clear offering, Girl On Top is almost tack free, and a bit of a thicker feel on lips. The formula has a light watermelon scent (to my nose, anyway) that I don't care for, but it's not overpowering and does fade quickly with no taste.

Of the sixteen shades currently in the range, I've worn my way through Girl On Top (clear), But First Lipstick (bold, warm pink), I'm Bossy (cool red) Bye, Felicia (cool, blue-purple) and Strange Love (taupey-chocoolate brown) and can say that I really don't love them. Girl On Top is the exception, as the formula is lighter, much more fluid and wears very easily. The other shades however, get sticky and stringy with wear and collect in clumps in the corners of your mouth.

I tired using as little product as possible, but still ended up with texture issues. Also, Bye, Felicia is an uneven shade that really needs to be layered or worn with a lip liner to look good. The thing is, both options lead to clumping and gluey stringiness. It's not a cute look.

Overall, I really can't say these are worth the space in your makeup bag, aside from Girl On Top. A clear gloss is always useful, and is great for paring with your favourite lip liners. What do you think? Are you into glossy lip shades? Tried these?

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