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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Palette Play | Quo Holiday 2017

quo holiday 2017 (1)
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The 'big day' is so close, but I keep finding holiday items at my door and in my mail box. To say there is little time to waste is an understatement, so let's get right into it. Quo is ringing in the holidays with a huge offering of holiday products. Like, so many I'll be featuring more on my Instagram to keep this from being too behemoth a post. Anyway, they're offering gift sets of all sizes including a few palettes worthy of space under the tree.

quo holiday 2017 (2)quo holiday 2017 (3)Quo Face Sculpting Palette 6 x 4 g $22 CAD

Remember when contouring was labeled a 'trend'? Yeah. Those days are long behind us as it's clearly here to stay. Quo is making it a bit easier with the compact Face Sculpting Palette. The palette includes three matte highlighting shades (also great for setting under eye concealer) and three matte sculpting shades. There is a range of shades, but all run fairly light, making this most suited for light skin tones or those who like their sculpting on the subtle side.

quo eyeshadow contour palette (2)quo eyeshadow contour palette (1)quo eyeshadow contour palette (3)Quo Eyeshadow Contour Palette $30 CAD

The Eye Shadow Contour Palette is back this year (there was a similar set in last years holiday offerings) but with a differing range of shadow shades. The palette features six matte shadows (five x 1.5 g + 1 x 1.2 g) with the idea of contouring the eye for a natural effect, although there is one deeper shade in the mix which allows for a bit more oomph if you're feeling more dramatic. The powders are a touch powdery (and definitely do better with a primer) but offer a smooth finish (no chalkiness) and pretty decent pigmentation.

What's better than a lone palette? A palette with brushes, clearly. This set is made a trio with the addition of two brushes- an all over shadow and angled crease brush. They may be short in stature (they're travel size in length) but they boast a super soft texture and apply shadows very nicely.

quo deluxe face & eye palette (1)quo deluxe face & eye palette (2)
Quo Deluxe Face & Eye Palette $45 CAD

quo deluxe face & eye palette (3)
Smokey quintuplet (lower right corner) 

You know those giant multi-level, a thousand products in one makeup kits you see around the holidays? The ones you just know are going to be filled with lackluster formulas? Well, I like to think of the Deluxe Face & Eye Palette as the grown version. It's got a lot of value, and shade selection, but with shades and products you'll actually want to use. Plus, a great mirror (it's huge!) It gets bonus points for having its contents printed on the cover so a mere glance gives you a rundown of what you're working with.

So, what lives in this bad boy? Eyeshadows for the most part, with 16 (1.8 g) + 4 (3.8 g) shades running down the sides divided into quints. The base/highlight shade shade is larger, which is a nice touch, as you're likely to use it faster. There is a nice mix of mattes and satins with just a few shimmers, making this a really versatile everyday type of palette. The formula is the same as in the Eyeshadow Contour Palette, so a primer is a must.

In the centre row, you've got your face products including face/setting powder, blush, bronzer, and highlighter (4 g each.) The shades are fairly universal (the powder is on the light side, however) and will suit any eye look created with this palette.

quo artisan brush set (1)quo artisan brush set (2)
Quo Artisan Brush Set $79 CAD

I know, not a palette, but who can resist new brushes? Especially not a gorgeous set of new school oval ones. The Artisan Brush Set gives you every size and type of oval brush you're going to need to fill out any brush collection (or start one.) The bristles are amazingly soft and perfectly dense (not so dense that they don't bend well) while the handles have just enough give to maneuver nicely on the face. The set includes ten brushes, specifically:
  • Lip
  • Shadow smudger
  • All over shadow
  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Contour 
  • Concealer
  • Eyeliner
  • Definer shadow

While I'm down to use a brush in whatever way feels comfortable, I do wish the functions were printed on the brushes. With many of the shapes being very similar, it would help when getting acquainted with these. I do love that this is a relatively inexpensive way to try oval brushes and that they don't skimp on quality.

Overall, an amazing assortment of beauty goodies on offer from Quo this year. In case you're unfamiliar with the brand, it's exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada. What so you think? Anything you'd be happy to receive this year?

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