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Monday, April 30, 2018

Pearlesque Box | May 2018 Delia Organics

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How is this the end of April? My April was a relatively messy month. It was stressful, unorganized, and in terms of my blog life, less than productive. But, as it likes to be, life is unpredictable. What's not though, is Pearlesque Box (see that perfect segue?) I mean, what's a better way to start the month than with a few new skincare goodies? The May box features a second round of Delia Organics (who made their debut appearance last April) and includes four great products.

If you missed my last Pearlesque Box posts and are wondering what it's all about, I suggest checking one out (here). It features a bit more info as to what you can expect with a Pearlesque Box subscription (like only organic, and natural products, and a focus on full size products- no wimpy samples) If you're ready...

"Founder, Alicia, spent 10 years researching, designing and planning Delia Organics. With more than 10 years in the skincare industry, she is a licensed aesthetician  and is the founder and editor of The Beauty Geek. She believes in the ease of a routine as well as results which made the most sense when Delia Organics was born.

Founded in 2016, Delia Organics was created to not only enhance your natural beauty but also to get your skin to the highest form of health it can be. With the latest technology and advancements in the skincare industry, they have made a simple, yet effective brand, With natural and vegan friendly ingredients, they know you won't be disappointed."

pearlesque box delia organics may 2018 (3)Delia Organics Lava Mint Bath Soak 100 g (travel size) $16 USD

I'm pretty familiar with the Delia Organics product line-up, but was pleasantly surprised to find some new-to me products in this month's box. Like the Delia Organics Lava Mint Bath Soak which promises a stress-busting, relaxed-state inducing soak. With a blend of epsom, dead sea, and Himalayan pink salts, peppermint and lavender essential oils and dried lavender for added oomph. The salt is perfect for a me-time bath, but can also be used for an at-home pedi session.

pearlesque box delia organics may 2018 (5)Delia Organics Body Tonic Oil 50 ml (travel size) $18 USD

The never-ending winter had had my skin feeling extra dry (allll of it) so body oils have been my bffs. The Delia Organics Body Tonic Oil is a perfect option as the formula works to hydrates, heal dry skin, and promote radiance with a delightful feel- it absorbs really quickly! Featuring evening primrose, olive, coconut, calendula, almond, and sunflower oils along with a blend of essential oils (think lavender, chamomile, geranium, lemon, and sweet orange) this oil has a citrus-herbal scent that is light, but does linger on skin.

pearlesque box delia organics may 2018 (4)Delia Organics Lip Nectar 10 ml $20 USD

Lip care can be serious business when it comes to major dryness, but the Delia Organics Lip Nectar is a healing, hydrating, and anti-aging wonder. Featuring a combination of pumpkin seed and grapeseed oils with lemon, sweet orange and lavender essential oils, the formula works to leave lips softer and protected from future damage and the aging effects of free radicals.

pearlesque box delia organics may 2018 (6)Delia Organics Dose of C Serum 30 ml $40 USD

As a serum and facial oil lover, the Delia Organics Dose of C Serum ticks all of my boxes. I've used this serum in the past and love that it is formulated with hylauronic acid to aid in moisture retention, as well working to brighten skin and reduce discolouration, add radiance, and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles while also providing anti-inflammatory properties. The serum has a light-weight feel, is suitable for all skin types and as an added bonus, makes for a great primer pre-makeup.

pearlesque box delia organics may 2018 (1)
                                         May 2018 Pearlesque Box $39.95 USD ($94 value)

Overall, some great new products from a brand I already love! I have been a massive fan of the eye gel Delia included in the last Pearlesque Box, and I've run out, so I won't lie I was hoping it may make another appearance. I love that Pearlesque Box aids in discovering something you may have otherwise never found. A monthly subscription to Pearlesque Box will set you back $39.95 (free shipping within the USA, international shipping is an additional fee.) You're pretty much guaranteed to get much more for your money- this month's box has a value of $94 USD. To receive this month's box, subscribe here by May 5th and use code BAILEY15 to save 15% on your first order.

Pearlesque Box is now offering 3, 6, and 12 month options along with electronic gift cards that can be used in their store or on subscription purchases. What do you think? Do you or have you subscribed to Pearlesque Box? Tried anything from Delia Organics?

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