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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Browfection | Mary Kay Precision Brow Liner & Volumizing Brow Tint

Mary Kay Precision Brow Liner & Volumizing Brow Tint  (6)
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I know they're not always the most interesting products, but I can't get enough brow products. Seriously, I know I'm not alone on this front, but I am always flying through brow pencils and have no problem product hopping on to the next one. Granted, there have been some I've really loved, I just find I like to try all the brow products. Mary Kay has recently launched a brow range, and it's pretty much browfection (get it?)

Mary Kay Precision Brow Liner  (2)Mary Kay Precision Brow Liner  (1)Mary Kay Precision Brow Liner  swatches

Yeah, you got it. The Mary Kay brow range is now home to two products, starting with the always essential Precision Brow Liner. The slim, twist-up pencil comes in five shades to suit most (although, they do skip auburn) including those with the deepest hair colours. As a pale-skinned, black-browed gal, straight black can bee too harsh, but it can also be tricky finding a brown that is both deep, cool, not too red, and pigmented enough to stand up to dark hair. So I highly appreciate the Brown Black option.

The pencils have a firm texture with a formula that is a bit waxy, but still quiet pigmented. The skinny tip allows for fine lines and (as the name implies) precision. I like that these aren't too creamy, with the perfect waxiness, meaning you won't get an overly harsh look or run through them too quickly, but they do lack a spoolie. At this price-point a brow pencil really should include one. Actually, scratch that. A brow pencil at any price should have one #WeDemandSpoolies

Second in the range is the Volumizing Brow Tint. Available in four, super pigmented options, this tint it gives a lot of bang to brows. The tint features 'mircroscopic' fibres to add a bit of oomph to brows while giving them a generous tint. The super tiny brush is makes application quick and clean without applying too much product and distributing on your actual brows (aka not on the surrounding skin.) The formula gives flexible, last all day hold that doesn't claim to waterproof, but does seem to be smudge and transfer-proof.

mk brow collage naked brows / pencil (Dark Brunette & Black-Brown) / pencil + tint (Dark Brunette)

Usually, I would apply the pencil first, then top up with the gel (or in this case tint) but I've actually liked using these in reverse. I run the tint through my brows first then use the pencils to define. I find the tint gives so much pigment using it first reduces the chance of ending up with overdone brows.

Overall, I really love these products! If you've got naturally great brows, you can definitely get by with just the tint, but if you need a little more definition (don't most of us?) the pencil + tint is a perfect combo. What do you think? Are you always running through brow products? Tried these or want to?

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