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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Femme & Floral | Givenchy Live Irresistible Blossom Crush

rGivenchy Live Irresistible Blossom Crush  (3)
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The colder days of autumn are approaching (yay!) but just for, I don't know, the next 10 minutes or so, let's stay in spring/summer mode. Okay? I say that, because I think the fragrance we're about chat about is technically meant to be a more spring/summer scent, but like so many 'rules'  they're more fun when broken.

rGivenchy Live Irresistible Blossom Crush  (1)

The Givenchy Live Irresistible range welcomed a new sibling with Blossom Crush. The scent is the third in the family, and sets out to be a "sparkling and irresistibly charming Eau de Toilette that advocates spontaneity as an asset and freedom as power." Okay, but what does it smell like?

Blossom Crush is, overall, a fruity-floral scent that combines a bit of floral, sweet, and musk to make for a feminine, fun scent that will suit just about any season. It's not too heavy, nor too light and sweet, but instead is a balanced scent perfect for day-to-day. It combines main notes of rose and peony with hints of citrus and fruits coming through as mid notes. It finishes with an unexpected muskiness from cocoa beans and musk, with something a little vanilla-ish, though not noted as an official note. The dry-down is what makes this scent a little more unique, as a warmer sweetness comes through that is very pleasant.

rGivenchy Live Irresistible Blossom Crush  (2)

Overall, I really love this scent. It's not super unique or groundbreaking, but its blend of florals and subtle sweetness makes for a gorgeous anytime scent. I don't find it too be too powerful or the longest lasting scent, but that plays into why it works. It mellows nicely on the skin and won't overpower anyone in the room. Plus, how perfect is the pale pinky-lavender bottle? What do you think, does this sound like your kind of fragrance?

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