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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Gloss is Boss | Avon True Colour Lip Glow Lip Gloss

avon lip glow lip gloss (2)
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One of my first beauty loves was lip gloss. I remember the heartbreak I felt when a specific Bonne Bell gloss that I LOVED was discontinued (or just no longer carried at my Shoppers Drug mart, either way, it was devastating.) It was a sheer, pale nude frosty number, aptly named Champagne, but smelled of ginger ale. It was one of the only lip products I ever finished, as I was a major product hopper in in my youth. One of my other gloss loves? Avon, of course. With a huge shade selection and usually available for less than $7 (snag 'em on sale!), what's not to love?

avon lip glow lip gloss (1)

A fair bit, actually. Now, the old Glazewear formula wasn't terrible, but it didn't exactly stand up to pricier options. Avon must have realized the shift back to gloss meant they would need to up their game. Which they did. With pretty great results.

The newly formulated True Colour Lip Glow Lip Glosses have a creamy feel with zero-tack or heavy feel on lips. They feature chia seed and rose hip oils to hydrate, which actually results in lips feeling  hydrated when the gloss wears away. Your forget that you're wearing gloss, as they have such a balmy feel. These have a glossy shine (obviously, they're glosses) but don't have a super shiny look- it's more of a natural sheen. These have a very light fruity scent, and I know I've complained that Avon needs to change up their lip product scent, this is much better than their usual.

avon lip glow lip gloss (4)avon lip glow lip gloss (3)

The range is currently home to 21 shades with cream and shimmer finishes, although the shimmers are in two categories with some having a fine smattering of shimmer and others being your more typical full shimmer / fine glitter. Avon states they are 'highly saturated' shades, but I've found most of the shades I've tried to have a semi-opaque or sheer finish. The formula does wear very nicely when layered though, so these pair very easily with liner or lipsticks.

avon lip glow afterglow

avon lip glow luster

avon lip glow lightburst

avon lip glow aura 005

avon lip glow amber
  • Afterglow: looks like a vivid pink in the tube, but is a very wearable, cool pink cream.
  • Luster: a mauvey-nude cream, and my current favouite with a little dirty mauve liner. 
  • Lightburst: a rosy-nude with just a hint of golden shimmer. 
  • Aura: looks like a frosty 90's throwback shade in the tube, but is a super pretty pearly pink base with a mix of silvery fine shimmer and glitter. 
  • Amber: a coppery-plum shade with tonal and golden shimmer. There isn't a lot of base shade, but the shimmer adds nice dimension when layered over liner or lipstick.

Overall, I am really pleased with these glosses! I love that they're not the least bit sticky and that they're not crazy glossy. Sometimes, you just don't want/need a super slick shine. That said, if that is your deal, these won't be for you. What do you think Are you a gloss fan?

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