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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Mix & Mask | Avon Anew Clay Masks

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I LOVE masks. There isn't much needed for an enjoyable mask session, but there are few tidbits that can make the experience extra enjoyable. I like to have a plush headband (with out without animal ears, although with is much more fun) as stray hair or bangs in a mask can be downright disastrous. A tool for applying / spreading masks (like a silicone paddle, or flat style foundation brush) classes up the affair, and keeps fingers out of pots. And, what may just be most important, a little mask-time entertainment. I am blind during mask-time (where my fellow astigmatism gals at?!) so I opt for music. Pro tip: make a playlist the same length as your mask's cure time for easy timing. Timing can be crucial for anything with stronger ingredients or potentially drying formulas, like clay....

avon anew clay masks (3)

We're talking clay formulas today, if you hadn't already figured. Avon has introduced a range of three clay-based masks designed to use as a team for specific concerns. Clearly, you can be a rebel and use them on their own too, but I do like the idea of a targeted approach.

The Avon Anew Clay Masks all feature kaolin clay as their star ingredient, along with a blend of oil/butters (think shea and mango seed butter and sunflower seed oil) I'm always a little apprehensive with clay masks, as I have dryer skin and they can be, well, drying. The addition of moisturizing ingredients gives this a really creamy feel that does dry down on skin, but doesn't get overly hard. You still get the purifying feel of the clay, but skin doesn't feel stripped.

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As mentioned, there are three masks in this range:
  • Brightening: features added citrus peel extract to help brighten the complexion for a more radiant, even-toned appearance. Recommended for use on areas with dull skin such as cheeks and upper forehead.
  • Calming: features added aloe to calm and sooth distressed skin, while gently purifying. Recommended for all-over use, as needed.
  • Purifying: features added white charcoal powder to tighten, smooth, and reduce the appearance of pores while providing the classic clay-mask purifying. Recommended for oily areas oily areas such as chin, nose and lower forehead (aka the t-zone.)

Overall, I ended up liking these so much more than I expected. That said, I don't really think you need all three. I recently had a bout of rather angry skin, so I was using the calming on the lower half of my face (thanks, hormonal acne!) and the brightening on the upper half. Yes, I did look like an Easter egg, but my skin did feel pretty fabulous afterwards. I also highly suggest snagging these on sale (they're currently $9.99 USD / $12.99 CAD) if you can.  I should also note, these have a fresh-floral type fragrance. It's not strong, but could be a no-go for those with sensitivities to scent.What do you think? Are you a mask lover?

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