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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Palette Perfection | Viseart Tryst Eyeshadow Palette

viseart tryst eyeshadow palette (3)
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Ooh, we're getting scandalous today! Okay, no. No we're not. Unless my Brendon Urie based daydreams count (he's just so much fun to look at...) we're keeping things makeup related. It's just that my mind wanders when the word tryst comes about. You can't help but conjure up some sort of romantical rendezvous fraught with adventure and maybe just a little danger. I'm realizing tryst is a really great word and that a lot of chosen descriptors are shade names in the palette... Regardless, we're talking palettes today, with the Brendon Urie level gorgeous (an unplanned, but perfect tie in) Viseart Tryst Eyeshadow Palette.

viseart tryst eyeshadow palette (2)viseart tryst eyeshadow palette (5)

Do you ever struggle to fill your Sephora cart? Like, you know you're going to place an order, but just can't narrow down the perfect combination of something you want and actually need? Okay, I didn't need this palette, but it definitely fulfilled a want. It's just that I really struggled with which Viseart palette would be mine. While the Pro II palette has a similar colour vibe (and is more budget friendly) reviews were mixed, with some stating that the formula just wasn't up to Viseart's usual quality. Clearly, Tryst won a spot in my cart.

viseart tryst eyeshadow palette (4)

Its other superiority comes in the form of packaging. Sure, the Pro range is compact (code for small) and sleek (code for black) but Tryst... It comes clad in a nicely weighty, brushed rose gold compact with full mirror in the lid. It's elegant and classy, but  with a slight air of haughty derision. It knows it's better than your average palette. Inside, you're greeted to nine shadows with a plastic card thing with the names printed on it. It's fine, and I like that the shades are named, but there was ample room to print them on the palette.

The palette is mostly shimmers, with only two true mattes and one additional shade that acts as a matte, but does have a smattering of glitter. The formulas are as good as I expected of the brand, with the mattes being smooth and very nicely pigmented, while blending effortlessly without getting muddy or loosing pigment. The shimmers have a creamy, smooth feel that works well with a brush- is anyone else tired of shimmer formulas that only work well applied with fingers? I did find I had a bit of shimmer fallout from some shades, but it was minimal and easy to sweep away. Considering the bit of fallout, the shimmer shades aren't too shimmery and can look more like satins on the eye with a bit of extra blending.

viseart tryst eyeshadow palette swatches row 1 (2)

The shades are all on the warmer side in the pink to berry range with the odd warm-tone neutral in the mix. You get a pretty nice range of tones from light to deep, but there really is only the one shade to add depth. That would really be my only complaint, as I would have liked one other deep matte.

Dangereuse: warm pinky-peach matte that blends out as a perfect transition.

Rondezvous: light pink-champagne shimmer, which works nicely as an inner corner highlight.

Flirt: light bronze-champagne shimmer.

viseart tryst eyeshadow palette swatches row 2

Liasion: warm pink matte with a coral edge. This shade is unique to my collection, and I have to say I LOVE it so much more than I ever expected.

Darling: a peachy shimmer shade with a golden shift. Viseart calls this a peachy rose gold, but it doesn't really pull rose gold in the pan or when swatched.

Illicit: warm, brown toned wine matte with what looks to be gold glitter. I half expected the glitter wouldn't be visible, but it does shine through, albeit less so once on the eye.

viseart tryst eyeshadow palette swatches row 3
                                           Viseart Tryst Swatches - Paramour, Seduction & Rapture

Paramour: rusty, plummy-bronze shimmer. I found the bottom row of shimmer to be more intensely shimmery than the previous shimmer shades.

Seduction: a warm golden copper shimmer.

Rapture: red-based, plummy purple shimmer.

viseart tryst eyeshadow look

For the look above, I started with Dangereuse as the upper transition and Liasion just under it as the true transition shade. I used Paramour on the outer two thirds of the lid with Rendezvous on the inner third. I added Illicit to the outer corner and through the crease. I applied a bit of purple liner to the lower lash-line then smudged Rapture over it. I added the liner first to give it a truer purple shade for a bit more contrast from the berry shades going on on the lid. I also added a wing and a bit of nude liner in the water-line, as I find it really gives a pop to warmer red-toned eye looks.

Overall, I am really happy with this palette! Well, I was until two shadows fell out right after I swatched them- I expect a bit better quality control from a product at this price-point. It is worth noting that this is limited edition. It doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon- it launched in February, I picked mine up in April, and it's still very much available. But, maybe don't wait forever if you're keen on owning it. What do you think? Like it, hate it, love it, own it?

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