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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Three For All | Farmhouse Fresh for Face & Body Perfection

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It's a Farmhouse Fresh kind of day. What kind of day is that exactly... Everyday. Or at least it should be. Farmhouse Fresh is just such a feel good (and just as importantly, smell good) brand with a bevvy of products for just about everyone. Today is all about face and body with three of my current brand go-tos. Ready? You know what to do...

Whoa, baby... Get ready for nothing but product praise. Now, I'll admit that I've yet to dislike anything from FHF, but the Moon Dip Back to Youth Body Mousse might just be my favourite. Yup, it may even dethrone their Blushing Agave oil, that I have not been able to get enough of. Anyway, this mousse-y delight is nothing short of amazing!

The lightweight formula does indeed have a bouncy, whipped texture that is not only hydrating, but features vitamin rich emollient oils to lock in hydration and an anti-aging blend normally found in facial treatments to firm and smooth skin- buh-bye wrinkles & uneven skin texture. Of course, the scent is also top notch, with a sweet and fresh combo of oat milk. Now, I didn't know what oat milk smelled like, but it is downright heavenly. Also notable, it includes a cute little scooper for dipping into the product.

farmhouse fresh mighty tighty mask

Fast fact abut me: I hate bananas. But, as you may know, I love a good face mask. The Mighty Tighty Turmeric & Banana Tightening Mask does have a banana scent, but it still gets my stamp of approval. The powerhouse formula features turmerones (the oil extracted from the roots of turmeric) which contains high amounts of antioxidants and banana pulp and peel for its provitamin A, carotenoids and phenolics (aka stuff that works to stimulate healthy skin growth and aid in protecting and repairing skin.)

The mask process is simple- apply, let dry, and wash off, but there is a little action on the face while wearing this. As an active formula, it does make skin tingle a little while it works its magic, but it's not anything painful. That said, the formula isn't recommended for those with sensitive skin. The tingle gives way to a pretty great reward though, as this mask works to tighten skin, diminish the look of fine lines, and boost radiance. In short, it peps up the face and leaves it feeling brightened, smooth, and just generally well cared for.

farmhouse fresh three milk ageless night cream

If the Three Milk same sounds familiar, that's because it is. Farmhouse Fresh has added a sister to their top selling Three Milk daily moisturizer with the Three Milk Ageless Night Cream. Featuring the same botanical milk trio in the day formula (coconut milk, milk vetch, and milk thistle) and skin restoring peptides but with a super rich supped up formula for the pm.

The night formula is (as noted) thick and rich, but not heavy or greasy feeling, and was formulated to provide a protective barrier on skin to allow the slow / time-release retinol to do its magic while you sleep without any irritation. The process eliminates the potential redness or flare ups a retiniol can cause and instead delivers a smoother, illuminating, firming, anti-aging effect.

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Overall, I am a total fan of each of these products! If you're new to Farmhouse Fresh, it's also worth noting that all of their products are of natural origin (most in the 90% range, some up to 100%) are cruelty-free, paraben and sulfate free, with most products being vegan (a few contain honey) and gluten free as well. Are you a Farmhouse Fresh fan? Have you tried any of these products? Have a fave I should try?

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