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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Coffee Crush | Bite Beauty French Press Lip Gloss

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Like most everyone, I'm a social media user. I can be found on most of the popular platforms, but I just never got to love Twitter. As a rather wordy person, the character limit never won points with me, and as a result, I rarely use it. Well, that was up until a month of so ago, I decided I needed to get into it a little more and forced myself to get Tweeting. It paid off pretty quickly, I must say, as the amazing people at Bite Beauty saw my Tweet about the Flat White French Press gloss and sent the rest of the collection. Amazing, right?!

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I've been loving the shade Flat White (see my original post about it here) so I was very happy to get my gloss loving hands on the other shads in the collection. In case you don't feel like reading my other post (hey, your loss...) we can chat formula...

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The French Press Lip Gloss has a slightly thick formula that works nicely to give these glosses a longer-lasting power but without a tacky feel. They have a creaminess, and are lightly hydrating thanks to the coffee butters and Arabic cold press coffee oil in the mix. These have a delightful semi-sweet coffee scent and the slightest bit of flavour.

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The shades in the limited-edition collection are:
  • Flat White: creamy / milky pale neutral pink
  • Vanilla Latte: creamy golden beige
  • Salted Caramel: peachy burnt-orange 
  • Dirty Chai: rosy terracotta 
  • French Press: warm coffee brown
  • Black Coffee: deep espresso brown plum

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Overall, I really love these glosses. Flat White is still on of my top contenders shade wise, but I kind of love them all. That said, Salted Caramel takes my number two spot. I love that these wear beautifully on their own, over liners, and even over liquid lipsticks without creating a gloopy mess. What do you think? Are you a fan of any of these shades?

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