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Friday, November 30, 2018

Face First | Mary Kay Chromafusion Blush, Highlighter & Contour

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Blush, highlight, and conotur... Oh, my! The beauty brains at Mary Kay have been incredibly busy, as they've recently revamped their range of powder products. The Chromafusion range includes a huge range of shades in eyeshadows, and as we're going to jump into momentarily, the aforementioned blush, highlighter, and contour.

The Chromafusion collection is all about 'living colourfully with makeup that wears through work, workouts, weather, whatever!' with a 'superpowered technology for gorgeous shades that last all day with a lifeproof formula that lets you face whatever is on your agenda beautifully.' Basically, the range is meant to be pretty and long-lasting.

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As you can see, all of the powders in the range are in pan form basic pan form. They come in the well-known, standard MK plastic packaging and will need to be popped into a palette of your choosing. May Kay has that covered as well, with their large Pro Palette ($25 USD / $28 CAD) that fits a large section of both face (or, all fourteen) and eye powders or the smaller Petite Palette ($17 CAD) that holds four shadows or one face pan and one shadow.

mary kay chromafusion blush (2)mary kay chromafusion blush swatches (1)

All of the blushes are what MK is calling shimmer, but many of the shades are more like a satin with  some having a subtle radiance rather than anything actually shimmery. The formula is as close to perfection as you could want with great, buildable pigmentation and an easily blended texture. The shade range ticks a lot of boxes, with something for all skin tones and tastes, but features a family of pinks including:

  • Hint of Pink: neutral, dusty pink satin 
  • Rosy Nude: rosewood pink satin
  • Darling Pink: soft blush pink with a hint of shimmer
  • Shy Blush: soft rosy pink with a golden glow
  • Rogue Rose: warm rosy pink satin

If inks aren't you're style, the range also includes some peppier hues, including:

  • Juicy Peach: true peach with with a golden glow
  • Hot Coral: vivid, warm orange-coral with a golden glow
  • Desert Rose: rosy, brown-plum with a radiant sheen
  • Golden Copper: exactly as named- warm golden copper with a golden shimmer
  • Wineberry: raspberry-wine with a radiant sheen

mary kay chromafusion highlighters (2)mary kay chromafusion highlighters (1)

Once blushed, it's only logical to move onto a little highlight, with the Chromafusion range offering two shades: Glazed (soft, warm gold) and Honey Glow (warm peachy-gold) Both are on the warmer side, offering a radiant glow and buttery texture. The shades are both very pretty on the skin, as they lack any shimmer pieces or glitter, but I do wish there was a lighter shade offered.

mary kay chromafusion contour (2)mary kay chromafusion contour (1)

And of course, contour. Again, the Chromafusion range offers two shade with Latte (for light to medium skin tones) and Cocoa (for deep tones). The shades have a little warmth, but aren't too warm to work on a large range of skintones, and have an almost matte, satin finish. The result is a matte looking, but not flat look that looks incredibly natural on the skin.

Overall, this range is pretty great! I have a hard time not loving any blushes, but the neutral pink shades (Hint of Pink, Rosy Nude and Shy Blush specifically) have been instant favourites. What do you think? Are you a blush fiend too?

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