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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sugar & Spice | Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette

roo faced gingerbread spice eyeshadow palette (5)
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Halloween has only just barely passed, so  that clearly can only mean one thing... It's holiday collection season. Actually, it's already in swing, but it will officially ramp up and will soon reach its peak, all before December. I know I've already indulged in a few holiday offerings, have a few more in transit, and am waiting patiently for the upcoming VIB sale to order a few others. It's a good year, okay? Too Faced is sure to be on everyone's list with a heap of cute offerings including the extra adorable Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette.

roo faced gingerbread spice eyeshadow palette (2)roo faced gingerbread spice eyeshadow palette (3)
roo faced gingerbread spice eyeshadow palette (4)

'Add a little spice to your life with the deliciously sweet Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced. Includes 18 multi-finish warm and toasty shadows that glide on with buttery smoothness for playful pops of color that smell like fresh-baked gingerbread.'

With a mix of warm neutrals and pops of colour, the Too Faced Gingerbread Eyeshadow Palette plays into the year's trends nicely. That said, if you love the warm shades and succumbed other popular releases, this palette may be a bit redundant for you. I have been slow on the warm trend, and skipped pretty much everything in that arena, so this palette is all uncharted territory for me.

Unlike gimmicky, limited edition fare we tend to see (and let's be honest, kind of love) around this season Too Faced stuck to their Chocolate Bar-style packing. The metal tin is weighty, with full mirror inside, albeit, flanked buy a rather attitudal gingerbread fellow. It features a nice sized mirror, 18 shades and is scented. The box states the smell as being that of 'fresh baked gingerbread' but it sin't spiced smelling at all. Instead, this has a kind of artificial sweet vanilla thing that kind of reminds me of Play-Doh as it has a doughy-ness (maybe that's the cookie element?) All that said, it's not my first choice of scent, but it isn't overpowering.

roo faced gingerbread spice eyeshadow palette (6)roo faced gingerbread spice eyeshadow palette (7)

The shadows range in finish with shimmers, satins, a glitter, and a good number of mattes represented. As mentioned the overall theme is warmer neutrals, but with a few pops of colour leaning towards a pink / rosy spectrum. You get a good mix of light and medium depth shades, but I would have liked one or two additional deep shades (preferably matte) as deep shades. Shadow quality is quite consistent, with almost every shade being nicely pigmented, smooth, and easy to layer / work with. I did find the mattes to kick up a bit when dipped into with a brush though, so a lighter hand is best to avoid unnecessary waste (and mess.)

tf sw 1
Too Faced Powdered Sugar, Spiked Eggnog, and Gumdrop

  • Powdered Sugar: pale beige matte. Much more pigmented than I expected for a light matte shade.
  • Spiked Eggnog: soft gold metallic shimmer
  • Gumdrop: bold fuchsia satin

tf sw2
Too Faced Gingerbread, Warm & Toasty, and Ooo Burn!

  • Gingerbread: medium depth peachy-brown matte
  • Warm & Toasty: rich, warm gold metallic shimmer
  • Ooo Burn!: medium plum shimmer

tf sw3
Too Faced Frostbite Me, Lookie at my Cookie, and Spice is Nice

  • Frostbite Me: off-white with just a hint pink glitter. This shade doesn't have a lot of base when used dry, and will work best as a topper or applied wet or over glitter glue to achieve something more opaque.
  • Lookie at my Cookie: light, pinky-coral matte
  • Spice is Nice: saturated warm orange matte

tf sw4
Too Faced Oh Snap!, Bake it 'Til You Make it, and Spice of Life

  • Oh Snap!: dirty coral matte base with golden micro-glitter
  • Bake it 'Til You Make it: deep rosy bronze shimmer
  • Spice of Life: antique gold shimmer with a hint of an olive undertone

tf sw5
Too Faced Sugar Daddy, Figgy Pudding, and Hot Toddy

  • Sugar Daddy: soft, warm pink matte
  • Figgy Pudding: dusty berry-plum matte
  • Hot Toddy: coppery plum shimmer with pink glitter

tf sw6
Too Faced Reindeer Paws, Gingerbread Latte, and Spiced Rum

  • Reindeer Paws: deep brown plum matte
  • Gingerbread Latte: warm yellow-based medium brown matte
  • Spiced Rum: deep bronze shimmer with tonal glitter

roo faced gingerbread spice eyeshadow palette (9)
roo faced gingerbread spice warm & toasty look(1)
Too Faced Warm & Toasty Eye Look

As you probably know, Too Faced palettes include what they call a Glamour Guide, which features a few looks (usually three) to get you started with your new palette. I opted to create the Warm & Toasty look from the guide as it uses a combination of shade I likely wouldn't have paired together myself. It uses Powdered Sugar all over the lid as a base with Gingerbread in the crease layered with Spice is Nice for added depth and swept along the lower lash line. Reindeer Paws is added to the inner and outer corner and smoked over the lower lash line with Warm & Toasty pressed into the centre of the lid. I realized you could also add a bit of Frostbite Me to the centre of that to really dazzle, but of course, that was after I'd finished photos.

Overall, I have to say I love this palette! The shadows all perform really well and I love the mix of shades. For me, it's pretty unique to my collection, but as stated (somewhere up there) if you're already a warm shadow lover, you may find this fairly dupeable.

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