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Thursday, November 8, 2018

This, That & Other Stuff vol. 13

this that & other
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It's been a minute since my last TT&OS post, but my little pile of misfits (aka products that just didn't fit in anywhere else) was calling out for a little love. I know I just called them misfits, but they're actually a really great group and there is even glitter in the mix. Glitter! You know it makes everything better, so let's get to the goods.

Now that I think about it, I may have proclaimed my love of the L'Oreal Gentle Waterproof Makeup Remover for Eyes & Lips before, but you know what? It's worthy of another mention. It recently came back into my life via an online freebie. I expected some sort of tiny one use sample, but to my surprise a fill size bottle arrived. The bi-phase remover is, as claims, non-greasy and incredibly good at removing waterproof and long-wear formulas. It excels at waterproof mascara removal when you just can't be bothered to bust out a cleansing balm, and is hands down the best remover for liquid lipstick removal.

hard candy coconut water priming stick

When I first started hearing about the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Coconut Water Cooling Primer Stick, it wasn't available in Canada. Of course.... Cut to a few months later, and it arrived on our northern shelves. A lot of bloggers have praised this and I can see why. The cooling, hydrating and to a lesser extent smoothing primer features good-for skin ingredients like coconut water, coconut fruit juice, and witch hazel that is a delight to smooth on. It feels especially nice on the under-eye area, as the cooling sensation is a nice morning pick up, but I 'm not a fan of the fact that the cooling comes from alcohol. It is rather high on the ingredient list, and really not something I'm fond of in my products.

revlon kiss plumping creme spiced berry

Part balm, part gloss, part lipstick. The Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme is a bit of everything. The texture is a cream with a super comfortable balm feel on lips and a soft vanilla scent (no taste). The finish has a bit of shine while the semi-opaque finish gives a perfect wash of colour, at least with the shade Spiced Berry (a warm, mauve-berry hue). From what I've seen, opacity does vary depending on your shade of choice. When it comes to the plumping aspect... Not exactly. Its not an issue for me, but if it's plumped up lips you're after, the subtle warmth (from menthol) isn't going to give much in the way of visible results.

paul & joe lipstick cs refil (2)paul & joe lipstick cs refil (1)

If it's a customized lipstick you're after, Paul & Joe has you covered. Their refill system allows you to choose your lipstick shade and the tube design. I believe they release new lipstick shades and tubes seasonally, with this being (I think) a spring release. The Lipstick CS range is designed 'with a clear gloss maintaining a thick, smooth layer on the lips so the softly tinted shine of color lasts for hours.' Meaning, this is a balmy feeling tint of colour type of lipstick. It's easy to pop on and the shade 107 Rue Montorgueil offers a soft peachy-orange hue.

make up for ever artist colour pencils

Imagine a world where one pencil can do it all- brows, lips, eyes, blush and contour... Impossible, right? Clearly not, as the innovative bunch at Make Up For Ever have created just that with the Artist Colour Pencils. The range of matte pencils have a creamy, smooth formula that can be used for literally anything with a shade range (a whopping 38!) to accommodate. I've been using Anywhere Caffeine (a medium brown taupe) most as a lip liner and Dimensional Dark Brown (a deep cool brown) as a brow pencil and have been very pleased with how beautifully they apply in both uses. Oh, other noteworthy news, MUFE gave these actual names! Not just numbers. Exciting times.

maybelline light liner in white lustre

I find myself not using much eyeliner lately, other than my beloved liquid liner (always black, btw). That said, I do find warmer, red based looks need a little something in the waterline to avoid that oh so alluring 'it it conjunctivitis?' look. Black or brown are fine, but I've been into the Maybelline Lasting Drama Light Liner in White Lustre. White can sometimes be too harsh of contrast in the waterline, but the soft pearl hue of this pencil works perfectly for a bright-eyed look. Plus, it's got a waterproof formula, so it actually sticks around.

hard candy glitteratzi glitter gel (1)hard candy glitteratzi glitter gel (2)

Okay, the packaging leaves a bit to be desired (read clunky and plasticy) but the Hard Candy Glitteratzi Glitter Gel Palette is kind of a hidden gem. As much as I love a bit of glitter (seriously, 2018 has been a heavy glitter year for me) it can be fiddly and messy to apply. This gelled formula however, makes a pop of glitter a snap. The glitter is suspended in gel, meaning you can just dab it on wherever you need a little glitz. I still like to use a glitter base to really lock it down, but it's not a necessary step as this holds quite well with pretty much zero fall out. I only wish the two neutral shades (the gold and bronze) were in the larger pans as they're the shades I'm most inclined to use.

this that & other swatches

Overall, a bevy of products worthy of a little space in your stash. What do you think? Tried any of these products or want to?

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