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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

OPI Tokyo Collection | Spring 2019

opi tokyo collection spring 2019
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A few days ago i was reading about this thing wherein people who are knowledgeable on a topic, or even just highly interested, make websites and write about said topic. It sounded so intriguing, yet vaguely familiar to me all at once. They call it.... Blogging. Ahem. Jokes aside, it's been a while, I know. Buuut, I've gotten some of my tech issues sorted out (literally everything I own is dying or in need of some sort of repair) so we can chat up the new OPI Tokyo Collection for Spring 2019. Let's go!

"A city at the forefront of fashion, beauty and nail art. Tokyo's unique balance of rich tradition and nature inspired a variety of nail colors that evoke the eclectic fashion, vibrant nightlife and world-renowned cuisine.
In this collection, we are revisiting the 80s and 90s, with pop colors that we’ve given a modern twist, taking inspiration from the famous Harajuku neighborhood. Tokyo brings so much life to this collection, from its eclectic fashion, vibrant nightlife and world-renowned cuisine to the rich traditions including matcha tea ceremonies and zen gardens." - OPI

opi rice rice baby

Rice Rice Baby is a song inducing (I dare you not to sing the title) dusty, mauve-kissed pink cream. It's a gorgeous take on millennial pink with a great formula to match as it's super opaque, easy to manage and almost perfect from the first coat. Two coats. 

opi another ramen-tic evening
 OPI Another Ramen-tic Evening

Another Ramen-tic Evening is at first glance, very similar to RRB (aka the shade above) but is a cleaner, dusty pink with a slightly cooler tone. Another easy formula, if not a little thick. Two coats.  

opi arigato from tokyo
 OPI Arigato from Tokyo

Arigato from Tokyo is a purpley-pink cream. I know, not the best description, but it's really in the middle of things. A really cute colour (if not the most unique) a slightly thick, but easy formula. Almost perfect with one coat, but I still ended up using two.

opi hurry juku get this colour
 OPI Hurry-Juku Get This Colour

Hurry-Juku Get This Colour  is a red-based, berry fuchsia cream. It's a pretty standard offering from OPI, but is made a bit more unique by the red base. That said, the formula is amazing. One coat.

opi all your dreams in vending machines
 OPI All Your Dreams in Vending Machines

All Your Dreams in Vending Machines is a stunning fuchsia pink with a vivid silver-purple shimmer glow. This shade usually isn't my thing, but this looks so great on nails. I did find a more careful application can reduce the occurrence of brushstrokes, but they actually look quite minimal in person. Two coats.

opi samurai breaks a nail
 OPI Samurai Breaks a Nail

Samurai Breaks a Nail is another glower, but this time in a grape, blue-based purple hue. The inner shimmer is slightly more subtle, but gorgeous none the less. The formula is a little thinner, and needs to be built up for full opacity. Three coats, but totally worth the effort. 

opi how does your zen garden grow
 OPI How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?

How Does Your Zen Garden Grow? is a vivid, apple green cream. It somehow toes the line between pastel and neon territory, as it does read a bit brighter in person but retains a softness. The first coat was uneven and finicky, but the second coat brought everything together easily. Two coats.

opi im on a sushi roll
 OPI I'm on a Sushi Roll

I'm on a Sushi Roll is a green-based teal cream. Not the most unique shade, but very pretty and a pretty much perfect formula to match, I didn't expect such great coverage and went too light on my first coat, but with a little more polish on your brush, one coat would suffice. Two coats. 

opi suzi san climbs fuji san
OPI Suzi-San Climbs Fuji-San

Suzi-San Climbs Fuji-San is very similar to Sushi Roll (above) when you see them in their bottles, but is indeed a much more blue-based teal shade on the nail. Super easy formula, two coats.

opi tempura-ture is rising
OPI Tempura-ture is Rising

Tempura-ture is Rising is a vivid cool orange with a slight coral tone. Orange is not one of my favourite colours, but there is just something about this shade that I love. Formula wise, this was a little bit thicker in texture, but applied evenly. Two coats. 

opi kanapai opi
 OPI Kanapai OPI!

Kanapai OPI! is a greyed take on periwinkle blue with a cream finish that makes my blue polish loving heart skip a beat. To me, this shade is pure perfection. That said, this was the lone shade in this collection I had application issues with. It's thicker in texture and had leveling issues which require quick application to get a smooth look. Two coats.

opi chopstix and stones
OPI Chopstix and Stones

Chopsitx and Stones is a vivid, deep blue shimmer with and inner glow. The glow can be subtle unless in direct light, but does give this shade a more unique flare. Easy formula. two coats.

Overall, this is a really great collection! It feels like Spring, but offers up something a bit more interesting than your standard pastel fare. The collection is also home to six limited edition glitter offerings with a variety of finishes for nail art in the tradition of  Tokyo's trendsetters. So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these shades? Are you ready for spring to finally be here?

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