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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Custom Colour | Mary Kay Chromafusion Eyeshadow

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A little while ago, we delved into the world that is the new range of Mary Kay Chromafusion. Well, the face options (think blush, bronzer, and highlight options) but there is more. Rember? I'm pretty sure I mentioned this... Anyway, the range is also home to an array of shadows. With pretty much everything you're looking to adorn yourself with, the range means you can create the custom palette of your dreams... Fun stuff, right?

mary kay chroma fusion palettes

So, as mentioned, we're just talking shadows today. Buut, I guess we should go over the palette situation for those who may have missed our last chat (this one, btw) All of the products in the Chromafusion range are just in their pans, meaning it's up to you to give them a home. Mary Kay has that covered as well, with their large Pro Palette ($25 USD / $28 CAD) that fits a large section of both face and eye powders (or all 33, with room to spare) or the smaller Petite Palette ($17 CAD) that holds four shadows or one face pan and one shadow. They've also added the very cute, rose patterned Perfect Palette ($18 USD / $25 CAD) that can hold a variety of MK pans and is great for on-the go as it includes a nice size mirror.

mary kay chroma fusion eyeshadow (4)
"Powered by Mary Kay Chromafusion Matrix Technology, every smooth, even stroke of this supreme shadow boasts true, high-impact color payoff with extreme adherence. Blendable and buildable, colors seamlessly transition for perfectly put-together looks. And messy fallout’s a thing of the past. Crease-free and fade-proof, you can count on this long-lasting color to stay looking fresh through work, workouts, weather and more. It’s a beauty breakthrough you’ll love at first swipe."

The shadow range is home to 33 shades with two official finishes- mate and shimmer. Of course, there are a few shimmers that differ in finish a little, with some being more glittery and others being more shimmer and glow. More on that in a moment though. The shade range is home to all your essential neutrals and some pops of colour to liven things up a little. That said, if bold hues are your jam, these won't be for you, but for the average wearer, the options tick a lot of boxes.

mary kay moonstone, crystaline, biscotti, sand castle, candle light, hazelnut (2)
mary kay moonstone, crystaline, biscotti, sand castle, candle light, hazelnut (1)

As for formula, these are pretty great! The mattes are all of the soft, buttery, pigmented style we all look for, with every shade performing in the same manner- not a dud to be seen. The shimmers too have a very nicely pigmented, smooth formula  but a few have a thinner consistency that works better built up. Onto the shadows, yes?

Moonstone is a soft gold shimmer.

Crystaline is a pearly white shimmer.

Biscotti is a cream coloured matte.

Sand Castle is a soft peachy-nude matte.

Candlelight is a soft peachy-bronze shimmer.

Hazelnut a soft milk chocolate brown matte.

mary kay cinnabar, mahogany, rustic, hot fudge, espresso, smoky quartz  (2)
mary kay cinnabar, mahogany, rustic, hot fudge, espresso, smoky quartz  (1)

Cinnabar is a warm, red-based cinnamon brown matte.

Mahogany is a medium depth, warm brown matte. It is quite similar to Cinnabar, but is less red.

Rustic is a gorgeous, medium brown shimmer with a more intense finish.

Hot Fudge is a deep fudgey-brown matte.

Espresso is a cooler toned, deep brown matte.

Smokey Quartz is pale taupe shimmer.

mary kay cashmere haze, granite, stormy, shadow, onyx, rose gold (1)mary kay cashmere haze, granite, stormy, shadow, onyx, rose gold (2)

Cashmere Haze is a dusty greyed-taupe matte.

Granite is a greyed-taupe shimmer with a violet duo-chrome type shimmer. This is one of the shimmers that has a thinner formula, but does build.

Stormy is a blackened taupe shimmer with hint of a blue shift.

Shadow is a cool, medium grey shimmer.

Onyx is a deep charcoal (think almost black) matte

Rose Gold is a soft coppery-gold shimmer.

mary kay gold status, shiny penny, burnished bronze, sunlit rose, dusty rose (1)mary kay gold status, shiny penny, burnished bronze, sunlit rose, dusty rose (2)

Gold Stats is a warm, peachy-gold shimmer.

Shiny Penny is a orange-copper shimmer.

Burnished Bronze is a medium depth bronze-brown shimmer.

Blossom is an ultra-pale pink matte.

Sunlit Rose is a dusty-rose with silvery shimmer.

Dusty Rose is just that, a dusty rose matte.

Golden Mauve is a rosey gold shimmer with a slight mauve undertone.

Soft Heather is a muted, dusty mauve matte.

Frozen Iris is a pinky-mauve with a violet shimmer. This is another shimmer with a thinner formula that needs to be layered for full effect.

Sweet Plum is medium, burgundy shimmer.

Merlot is aptly named as it's a deep, wine matte.

Evening Navy is less so (aptly named, that is) as it's not quite navy, but a brighter, dusty blue matte.

Starry Night is a deep navy shade with a blackened base and more intense navy blue shimmer.

Moss is a dirty olive green shimmer.

Emerald Noir is a deep, jewel tone green shimmer.

Overall, I am really pleased with these shadows. The shades offered are perfect for those looking to build a collection, or round out one that is already home to colours and need staples. I love that the formula is so consistent amongst shades, meaning you'll be happy with every shade you pick up. What do you think? Are you a fan of individual pan shadows?

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