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Friday, March 29, 2019

The Fastest Lash? | Ardell Magnetic Lashes

ardell magnetic lashes
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Up until not that long ago, I didn't fuss with lashes. Like, ever. I found all of my former faux lash woes were a result of not using a glue that worked for me. Now that I've found a glue that I love? It's faux lashes pretty frequently. That said, whipping out glue, applying it, waiting for it to dry down, then apply, still takes time. You know where this is going, right? Magnetic lashes. As great as they sound, the ol' skeptic in me just isn't convinced they're worth the time and money.

ardell magnetic lashes (2)

So clearly, I jumped at the chance to try them. Everyone's fave (and inexpensive) lash brand Ardell has you covered with a range of magnetic lashes in some of their most popular styles. If you're not quite sure exactly what a magnetic lash is all about, let's take a moment to talk mechanics...

ardell magnetic lashes (1)

Each set of Ardell Magnetic Lashes lashes is actually four parts, with each lash having an upper and lower portion. You place to top part of the lash above your lashes (where you would if it was a glue-on lash) and then pop the bottom lash on under your lashes. In a perfect world, the magnets would then meet at the lash line thus holding the lash securely in place. Ardell claims they use smaller magnets, and more of them, resulting in a better fit than other brands.

ardell magnetic lashes double 110before & after ardell magnetic double 110
Before (aka sad, bare lashes) & Wearing Ardell Magnetic Lashes in Double 110

The Double 110 style offers a super wearable, tapered look with longer, fluffy lashes at the outer corner. I've been wearing these a lot and love that they add oomph to the eye, but still work as an everyday style. I found these to apply quite easily once I got a little bit of practice (more on that in a moment) and have gotten quite a few compliments while wearing them.

ardell magnetic lashes double wispiesbefore & after ardell magnet double wispies

I won't lie, I had some difficulties with the Double Wispies. I initially thought it was because the style is more full, but upon closer inspection, one of my lashes is actually missing a magnet. Of course it couldn't be a middle magnet, but it had to be the one at the inner corner of the eye. After testing the other lashes (for my left eye) I found these applied very similarly to the smaller Double 110s. The style is gorgeous, and offers a full, fluffy look that adds drama, but isn't too over the top.

I found the lashes fit my eyes quite well, and that they feel quite secure on, my problem has been getting them on right at the lash line. When you place the bottom lash on, the magnet can pull the top lash down from the lash line before it clicks. I have gotten great results, but I have found it takes a few applications to get there. That said, I have found a great solution.... Mascara! I find a little mascara on first gives the lashes something to grip to and you can apply without much (or any, really) movement caused b the magnets. The lashes are incredibly comfortable and basically feel like nothing. Even with my favourite glue and lashes, I typically feel them, but the magnetic styles are very easy to forget you're even wearing them.

Overall, I quite like these, even if they need a little finessing to apply. I feel that, like many beauty techniques, a little practice is all it takes. I love the idea of not having to fuss with glue and that these will stay in great condition for many wears. Plus, you don't need to worry about the band showing, as what is there sits just shy of the lash line. What do you think? Have you tried magnetic lashes? Have a favourite brand or style?

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