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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Always Bare for You | OPI Soft Shades 2019

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It's a double nail polish kind of week, and you know what? I'm totally into it. OPI Soft Shades are back again for 2019, and feature feminine, soft, neutral hues. While sheers make a decent statement in the collection this year, there are some layering options should you fear the sheer. Ready for a closer look? you know what to do...

"This spring, embrace soft, sheer color with Always Bare for You by OPI! Six shades in the prettiest neutral, feminine hues offer a hint of color ? ideal for anyone seeking a delicate nail look, especially brides and brides-to-be. Inspired by weddings and all the joy surrounding this season of love, Always Bare for You features shades of pink, nude and rose gold in creme and shimmer finishes, as well as pale lilac and soft blue grey rounding out the collection.
No one will look at your nails more during the year before your wedding. Well, except on the actual wedding day of course! remarks OPI Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. Complementing your ring with sheer nails will help showcase your sparkler. Whether you select a soft pastel or something that shimmers, a beautifully manicured hand will always command attention."

opi baby take a vow

Baby Take a Vow is a sheer soft pink cream (akin to a more sheer version of OPI Bubble Bath) with a super shiny jelly-like finish. The first coat is very sheer, but I've found all of the shades in this collection build very easily without being streaky or thick looking on the nail. You could layer more if you really aren't a fan of sheer polish, but two coats (as shown) is very pretty.

Bare My Soul is a sheer pinky-nude cream, again with an ultra shiny, jelly-type finish. This shade had much less colour / opacity than I expected, so I did add an extra coat (three in total) but the formula builds so easily it still looks great.

opi throw me a kissOPI Throw Me a Kiss (over Baby Take a Vow)

Throw Me a Kiss is a full on shimmer fest with pink and iridescent shimmer in a soft pearly white base.  It's gorgeous but quite sheer on its own, so I layered two coats over Baby Take a Vow.

Chiffon-d of You is a very soft, rose gold with a pearly finish. It's another sheer, and as such I opted to layer it over Bare My Soul. I typically don't love frost-type shades like this, but this one is quite pretty. When applied carefully, isn't even too bad in the brush-stroke department. Two coats.

Engage-meant to Be is a sheer lavender-grey cream with that gorgeously shiny jelly-like finish. It is quite soft / sheer on the first coat (a trend with this collection) but it too build easily. I used three coats and can't help but think this would layer with glitters beautifully (anyone remember jelly sandwiches?)

Ring Bare-er is a sheer, blue-grey cream with, you guessed it, a shiny jelly finish. I don't hate sheers in neutral shades (aka nude, pinks, etc.) but I just don't know how to feel about this one... Three coats.

opi always bare for you soft shades collage

Overall, this is a cute collection. It isn't exceptionally groundbreaking (2016 Soft Shades are still my favourites) but every shade is just so pretty once on the nail. My must haves? Throw Me a Kiss and Engage-Meant to Be. What do you think? Are you a fan of any of these shades?

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