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Monday, April 8, 2019

Makeup Shakeup | The Rodial Edit

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Spring is thinking of springing; I mean it certainly hasn't sprung quite yet here. I'm sure it's on its way... Maybe. Regardless, a new season is a great time to give your makeup bag and routine in general a little shakeup. Replace your mascara and maybe freshen up some of those everyday staples. Rodial has been taking over as one of my most beloved brands for years, but this newest batch of products.... So good and they might just be the new additions your routine needs.

rodial diamond concealer in 10 & 30 (1)rodial diamond concealer in 10 & 30 (2)

I've been working my way though my sizeable concealer collection, so it was perfect timing when the Rodial Diamond Concealer made its way to me. The liquid-cream texture offers a medium (yet buidlable) coverage that neutralizes dark circles and blemishes nicely with a natural skin-like finish. Formulated with diamond core powder (to create a flattering, youthful appearance), sea fennel extract (works to boost collagen production to firm and smooth fine lines) and vitamin e (protects skin from free-radicals, while repairing and hydrating.)

I find most concealers crease a bit on me when used under the eyes, and this formula is one of them as well. It's a non-issue for me, as a little setting powder locks it in place and gives an all day, corrected and brightened look. Of the five shades available (I know...) I've been using shade 10 a cool, pink toned shade suited for fair skin, but also received shade 30 a warm, yellow-based shade suited for light-medium skin.

rodial soft focus glow powder

I like a dewier finish on my face, so setting powder isn't a must have for all over. But, they do make an appearance from time to time, especially when they give the face a little added something. Like the Rodial Soft Focus Glow Powder Illuminating Colour Correcting Powder. The name may be a mouthful, but the powder is a gorgeous little number. Housed in the classic Rodial R clad compact, this sheer, beigey bronze-toned powder gives skin a veil of multi-dimensional colour correcting with a softly illuminated finish. I don't know how much the colour correcting aspect actually comes through, but this one gorgeous powder, especially if you're not typically a powder person. It is super fine, with a velvety feel that just finishes your face with an added je ne sais quoi.

rodial microblade brow pencil dark ash brown (2)rodial microblade brow pencil dark ash brown (1)

I tend to find that as soon as I really get into a groove with a brow pencil, and decide it's a true keeper, it's gone. I often wonder how little product is actually in there... I suspect I'll be longing for more of the Rodial Microblade Effect Eyebrow Pencil as well, as the just creamy enough pencil easily woks to define, sculpt, and add a little volume to brows. It features a calligraphy-style tip to create natural looking, hair-like strokes. I really don't think it creates a microblade look, but the Dark Ash Brown shade is cool in tone and works nicely on my naturally black brows as I prefer something dark, but not actually black.

rodial airbrush, baking and smokey eye brush (2)rodial airbrush, baking and smokey eye brush (1)

You know when you get new brushes that are so deliciously soft that you just can't help but fondle them profusely and maybe run them along your face... I know you've done it too. Don't judge me. Anyway, that is the Rodial brush experience. I don't think it matters which variety you opt for, they all seem to be of that caliber. They have a decent range of brush options, but I've been getting to know these three:
  • The Airbrush Foundation Brush: a multi-use, tapered, dome shaped brush with soft yet dense brushes that work beautifully for blending complexion products. The tapered shape allows this to work for the whole face, as you can easily maneuver in and around smaller areas.
  • The Baking Brush: features soft, dense bristles for applying setting powder. It's smaller than your typical powder brush which allows for more precision and fits nicely under the eyes. It also works nicely for buffing in or dusting away powders. I tend to use a bit of powder foundation on my nose and this has become my go-to brush for the job.
  • The Smokey Eye Brush: is a must-have type of brush with short, dense bristles that work to smudge and buff product on the eyes. It works well for smudging liner and packing and buffing shadow. It's also the perfect shape for adding inner eye highlight. 

the rodial edit swatches

Overall, some great products. I've yet to find any Rodial misses, but their brushes are well worth their price tag and seem like the type you'll have for life (given you're kind to them.) Could your makeup routine use a shakeup? Tried any of these products?

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