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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Natural Nails | Suncoat Water-Based Nail Polish

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When it comes to nail polish, I basically know two kinds- the old, chemical laden formulas, and the newer, slightly-less chemical laden formulas. That pretty much covers your options, right? Not quite. There are also water-based formulas, for actual adults. Apparently, they're not just for the little ones (which is exactly what I used to think.) Suncoat has been changing everything I thought I knew about polish with their non-toxic, chemical-free, water-based formula.

'Suncoat first entered the beauty market in 2002 when our founder and chemist Yingchun Liu, Ying for short, whose background includes both polymer chemistry and organic chemistry, found herself in a predicament: her seven year-old daughter wanted to experiment with nail polish. Yet Ying felt the bevy of hazardous chemicals in nail polish, which includes formaldehyde, toluene and acetates, posed too great a risk to her health. So taking to task her expertise in chemistry as well as her artistic eye for creativity, Ying created a revolutionary new formula of water-based, non-toxic nail polish, designed to provide the same quality and finish as the conventional stuff, but without any unsafe chemicals.'

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I ended up having some... trials and tribulations while getting acquainted to the Suncoat formula. Mainly, I had some really terrible manicures and had to re-learn how to do my nails. I ended up with gorgeous results, but there was a learning curve. It is notable that Suncoat states "Some of the nail polish colors may not be as intense as they look in the bottle. This is partly because earth pigments, instead of FD&S dyes, are being used to color the nail polish" and that two or more coats may be required. I did find the first coat to be quite sheer, but most of these shades build up with just two.

suncoat swan lake and french pink (6)Suncoat French Manicure (with Swan Lake & French Pink)

My first troubles came when putting together a French manicure. I started painting my own when I was in seventh grade (it was the 90's and considered high fashion, okay...) so I have a pretty good hand for free-painting my tips. I set out to do so and it was a mess. Okay, take two, but with guides. I applied the Clear Base / Top Coat, left it ample drying time, then applied the guides. I painted my tips, and had the same clumping and lifting issues I did the first time. It didn't help that when I removed the stickers the base coat fully lifted as well. Things were not working out so well. Take three (what you see above) I took the sticky down a notch on the guides prior to applying them and had the same lifting with the base coat and Swan Lake (white cream) bled under them. I decided to just let it dry and see if the French Pink (sheer pink) could bring everything together. It did!

suncoat water based nail polish (5)

I was still a little uneasy heading into the more colourful shades, but as one does, jumped in with Soft Coral (shimmering bronze-coral). The polish immediately seemed to be too thick, and while you can add a little water to Suncoat shades when they thickened, I was hesitant to as I didn't know consistency they should normally be. I applied a coat and found it was uneven, and fairly sheer. I gave a good long dry time, and went in for coat two. It was not cute. It seemed like I was removing polish in areas instead of adding more. I added the Clear Base / Top Coat to try and save it, but didn't leave the polish to dry long enough and it was a milky mess.

I'm not one to quit, so I went at it again, with only minimally better results after three coats. How did I get to what you see above, you ask? I don't know, other than leave it be. It was kind of streaky, uneven looking and not even completely opaque, but as it dried more, it seemed to settle.

Red Poppy (vivid red with subtle radiant glow) was up next. I had a few little issues with leveling at first, and it seemed like the polish wasn't adhering at the tip but again, once it dried more, something beautiful came to be. Two coats.

suncoat lovely lapis(2)

Blue Lapis (vivid, ocean blue with soft shimmer) was last up, and as one of the Suncoat Peel-Off / Peelable shades, I was hesitant. I had similar troubles applying this as I did with the other shades, but again, it pulled through with three coats.

I wore Blue Lapis for a few days to test wear and to see if it would actually peel-off. Now, I'm not the best one for testing nail polish as everything tends to chip easily, but this wore very decently. By day three, it was looking a little bit defeated, so I took to peeling. Suncoat recommends soaking your nails in warm water, then peeling. I may have not read that and skipped the soaking step, but still found the polish peeled quite easily and cleanly and didn't leave my nails damaged.

suncoat plant based nail polish remover(3)

Since we're talking removal, Suncoat also provides a chemical-free, non-acetone option for removal. Their Plant Based Nail Polish Remover uses, as the name implies, a small list of plant-based ingredients to get the job done and moisturize to boot. I expected to hate this, and while it does need to soak into nails for a moment (or else you'll be scrubbing for a while) it works quite well. It feels a little oily, but isn't (I think it's the glycerin that gives it the slip) and leaves skin and nails feeling incredible. My nails tend to be dry, so the added hydration just from taking my nail polish off was greatly appreciated. It could use a little something in the scent department (maybe a little essential oil?) as it doesn't smell amazing, but I appreciate being able to use something more gentle to remove polish.

Overall, I ended up enjoying Suncoat. It wasn't an immediate love affair, as I am so used to working with a standard polish formula. I was able to get great results though, and have been quite pleased with how well the polish wears. Suncoat offers a ton of shade options (many are also vegan!) through their standard, peelable, and kids range that are perfect for those looking for a truly clean nail polish. Suncoat is available worldwide directly from the Suncoat site and a range of online and retail locations (peep them here.)What do you think? Have you ever used a water-based nail polish?

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