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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Next Level Neutrals | Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

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Remember the last Sephora sale... Yes, the one months ago. That one. Well, I very happily got my makeup loving hands on the Huda Beauty The New Nude palette. Well, not immediately. It sold out incredibly quickly, but it restocked during the sale extension. My beauty arrived and I was SO excited to get into it. SO excited that it got tucked away and I kind of forgot about it. Oops? Clearly, that changes today.

I don't know what caused my makeup amnesia, as I really am quite interested in this. I mean, just look at it... Okay, it came out months ago, you've no doubt seen it, but we're going to look at it again.

I was immediately smitten with the colour story of this palette, but what also had me intrigued were the brushes / tools that were released at the same time. We all know some shimmer / metallic shadows just work better with a finger, but Huda released what they call the Fender Blender. The dual ended brush features your typical foam end (think the little applicators we all throw out) and a silicone end meant to pick up, pack on, and blend out formulas in lieu of said finger. As the textures in this palette are said to be 'revolutionary' should it not include at least a mini version? Especially if the palette mentions using it for the best results.... I wasn't inclined to pay $15 USD for such a tool on top of the palette price.

huda beauty new nude palette (1)
huda daydream brush comparisons
Daydream swatch test 

Soooo, I did a little Googling and found myself silicone 'brushes' for a mere dollar (or two, everything in CAD is more expensive.) While one was almost immediately reduced to kitten food, the other was put to the test. We'll chat formula in a moment, but I can report that the silicone 'brush' is just okay. It is fine, but not really any better than a normal brush or finger. In my comparisons above, I used a flat-style shader (Sigma E55), the silicone brush, and my finger to apply Daydream. The brush is fine for patting shadow on but you don't get full opacity. The silicone doesn't pick up much product, and only applies in tiny doses. The finger, well it's still your best tool for getting the most of a shimmer, especially the special reflective shades in this palette. Okay, onto the shadows!

huda beauty new nude palette (4)

The shadows are housed in a blush pink (so trendy) heavy, coated card-type palette with a large mirror. I always appreciate big mirrors, even though I never use them. It's just kind of nice knowing they're there, you know? The outer design is Huda herself behind the New Nude title. There is a holo shift to Nude, which is subtle, but a nice added touch. The interior features a plastic card with the same image from the front of the palette, opposed to a clear thing. You're still likely going to toss it, but whatever, it's that little bit more interesting (or narcissistic... you can decide.)

I'm not going to do a shade by shade breakdown because, well, we've all seen these shadows by this point. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't have a few things to add. As pretty as these shades are, I found many of them to apply differently than expected based on how they appear in the pan. They tend to read warmer and deeper in many cases (more on specifics in a moment.)

huda new nude swatches row 1

huda new nude swatches row 2

huda new nude swatches row 3

The palette consists of :
  • Ten mattes (Bare, Play, Love Bite, Spanked, Lace, Tickle, Secret, Tease, Raw & Teddy) formulated with aloe vera, and coconut oil for 'butter-like application'. I do find there are two differing matte textures, with one having a slight satin quality and the other being a true matte. Either way, the shades are beautifully pigmented and blend very well, but they are quite soft, so kickup in the pan can be messy.
  • Four reflective shades (Crave, Fantasy, Daydream & Charmed) formulated with shimmering pearl flecks to add a duo-chromatic finish, these are unlike your average shimmer. They have more dimension and reflect light more without being packed with glitter. Basically, they're amazing.
  • Two glitters (Excite & Infatuated) infused with 'innovative silicones for advanced adherence' these are gelled glitters. They apply quite well without a base, but are quite similar in shade once in use.
  • One pressed pearl (Kinky) formulated with acacia, jojoba, and sunflower wax for a high-shimmer finish. This is a gorgeous smooth shimmer (as in no glitter) with an almost duo-chrome sheen. 
  • One concealer base (Concealed) for priming and boosting eyeshadow intensity. It's a cream in a palette of powders, and is definitely going to get grimey if you're not incredibly careful. It does however work nicely for cutting creases, or just popping on under glitters or shimmer.

huda beauty new nude palette eye look
Huda Beauty The New Nude eye look

Look at that, a halo eye. They're not my usual, but it just seemed like something that had to be done. I had intentions of going more purple-based with this look, so I started with Lace as my transition. It applies quite pink on the eye, but I went with it, adding Tease through my outer corner, crease, and inner corner. It too applies a more pink-red mauve than it reads in the pan. I used Concealed on the centre of my lid and topped it with Daydream. I then used a bit of Tickle on either side to blend the edges. Everything turned out more pink than planned, but pretty nonetheless.

Overall, I've been enjoying this palette, but do wish more of the neutral, dusty mauve-type shades applied more true to pan. What do you think? Are you a fan of these shades? Have you picked up this palette?

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