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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Cool for the Summer | Sothys Summer Chill Collection Eyeshadow Palette

sothys summer chill eyeshadow
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I've got a heap of summery products to get to. I'm trying to plan as many themed posts as possible to get everything in, but to get things started, I'm feeling a one product post. Does it get through the backlog? Not exactly, but sometimes it just feels right. Especially with the Sothy's Summer Chill Collection Eyeshadow Palette, as it's a little different for summer as it runs a little cool. Everyone has warm, bronzey shades for summer, so I was intrigued that this is something a little less typical.

sothys summer chill eyeshadow
sothys summer chill eyeshadow
Sothys Eyeshadow Palette Harmonies de tons Nude 6 g $68.50 CAD

As we briefly covered mere seconds ago, cooler options usually aren't summer fare, but Sothys is shaking things up a bit (bit, these are still neutrals after all) The shadow world at present is alll over warm tones in general, so it is nice to see a different take. More on shades in just a second though.

The Summer Chill Collection is home to a few key pieces with a bronzer, coral blush (peep it here). lipstick and pencil, and nail polish all while also introducing the new Sothys compact packaging. As you may remember, the bottom portion of the compacts used to be a clear, acrylic-type of thing. They were quite pretty to look at, but the lids were incredibly hard to open (aka the epitome of nail ruining.) The new compacts are the same matte black material throughout, but with a streamlined magnetic closure.

sothys summer chill eyeshadowsothys summer chill swatchesSothys Harmonies de tons Nude

On to the shadows. The Harmonies de tons Nude (or Harmonies of Nude Tones should you not parle le Francais) features four shimmer shades. I know, all shimmers, but hear me out. I would have loved the matte brown to be matte, but these are seriously pretty shimmers. They aren't the type of shimmer shimmers, but instead a radiant, glowing finish that gives the skin an incredible sheen. 

The shadows aren't named, but they're still easy enough to keep track of- the first shade is a pale gold with the second shade being a soft, rose-gold. The third shade (lower row) is a cool taupe with just a hint of a silvery-purple cast followed up with a deep, chocolate brown. All of the shadows have the same buttery, smooth texture with nice opacity. They're neither too pigmented, nor too sheer, but can be built from a softer wash to a more full coverage with ease.

sothys summer chill eyeshadow eye lookSothys Harmonies de tons Nude eye look

Since this palette is all shimmers, I thought something a little smokey made sense. I used the lightest shade in under my browbone and in the inner corner for highlight- it has an incredible glow on skin. I then used a damp brush to apply the taupe shade on the lower half of the lid. The shade is very nicely pigmented, but the damp brush just gave it an added bit of depth since I didn't want to lay down a liner first (and risk altering the colour.) I toke the rosy-gold shade and ran it through the crease and added a bit more of the taupe shade to blend the transition. I finished everything off with a mix of the deep brown and taupe on the lower lashline and a bit of black liner.

Overall, this is a great little palette. While all shimmer looks aren't my first choice, the texture of the shadows works well and can create cohesive looks without additional matte shadows. That said, add a few mattes of your own and you've really something.  Sothys Summer Chill Collection is currently available at Sothys beauty consultant locations across Canada. To find out where you can purchase these items in your area, call the toll free number 1-800 361-3004. What do you think? Do you like cooler hues for Summer? 

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