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Monday, July 29, 2019

Beauty Meets Athleisure? | Puma X Maybelline Collection

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If the combination of Puma & Maybelline makes you wonder if you're meant to wear this collection to they gym, then you`re not alone. I may have been thinking the same thing. Don't worry, you're not. I mean, you could, if you were so inclined, but that wasn't quite what Maybelline had in mind. Instead, the collaborative, limited-edition collection "fuses beauty, fashion, and sport into one high-performance makeup collection" aka athleisure, but for your face.

puma x maybelline chrome hihglight (1)puma x maybelline chrome hihglight swatch

Is highlight the right place to start? I don't know, but when it comes to the Chrome Highlight in Knock Out I'm all in. Now, it's no secret drugstore highlighters can be a dicey guessing game, but this is a gorgeous little gem of an option. I was hesitant to love it from first sight, as the hue had the potential to be too deep, but the pink-gold meets champagne is quite universal. It has a beautiful glow effect on skin with no discernible pieces and a creamy, smooth feel. Can you tell I like it?

puma x maybelline colour and gloss face duo stick (3)puma x maybelline colour and gloss face duo stick (2)

puma x maybelline colour and gloss face duo stick (1)

If dewy, fresh skin is your jam, the Colour + Gloss Face Duo Stick offers just that. The dual sided, chubby cream features a berry-red blush shade and a lightly shimmering highlight that give skin a soft wet-looking gloss. The effect isn't too slick looking on skin, but rather gives a fresh, flushed look. That said, it doesn't dry down, so it may not be best for oilier skin types or for on super hot days, as you risk a meltdown.

puma x maybelline matte and metallic eye duo stick

puma x maybelline matte and metallic eye duo stick swatches (1)

Eyes next? The Matte + Metallic Eye Duo Sticks were not anything I expected to be super into, but I was actually quite impressed with. The dual ended shadow sticks not only offer up intensely pigmented shades, but also a super creamy formula that sets to a wear-all day, budge-proof finish. The only real down side with these is that there really aren't many matte shades, with most of the 'matte' side options being slight shimmers. Not a problem to me, as I love the shades regardless, but the name does imply more matte action, you know?

The range features four shade duos, of which I have Discipline (deep purple) + Pulse (metallic lavender), Warrior (mate taupe-grey) + Flow (silvery lavender metallic with teal shift) that I honestly can't seem to get enough of, and Heat (blackened rust) + Flash (metallic coppery-gold).

puma x maybelline smudge resitant mascara

I am most often a wearer of waterproof mascara (I need all the curl I can get) so I was quite curious to see if the Smudge Resistant Mascara could tick all of my boxes. I didn't take it to the gym, but I did nap in it and there wasn't a single smudge, flake or issue to be seen. Maybelline doesn't make any claims that this formula is waterproof, but it certainly wears like it is as it stays put with ease. It also works extremely well to volumize and lengthen while being perfectly black. All in all, I actually love this mascara (words I don't utter very often) and will be looking for an extra tube before this collection disappears.

puma x maybelline superstay matte ink lipstick (1)

puma x maybelline superstay matte ink lipstick swatchespuma x maybelline superstay matte ink lipstick (3)

If you haven't tried the SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Colour yet, what are you doing with your life?! Kidding, but really, they are really great liquid lipstick options (and from the drugstore!? Who would have guessed...) The matte lipsticks have an interesting finish on lips, as they are matte, but still have a softness that makes them more comfortable wear while also being incredibly budge-proof. The do take a bit longer to dry than I'd like, and feel sticky while in the dry-down stage, but are totally worth it in the end.

The Puma collection brings up five new shades, of which I have Unapologetic (burnt-orange brown), Fearless (vivid mauve), Unstoppable (purple-mauve) and Fierce (blackened purple-plum). Fearless and Unstoppable have definite similarities, but differ in depth and tone. Regardless, they are very pretty options especially if like me, you love a purple lip shade.

Overall, this is collection has wowed me so much more than I expected! You really can't miss with any of the products, but the real stars are the mascara, highlight and lip inks. Runner up status to the Warrior + Flow eye duo stick. What do you think? Interested in anything from this collection?

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