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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer Skin Survival Supplies

summer skin survival supplies
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I know, I know, it's been a whole lot of skin related content around these parts lately. From complexion products to actual skincare, it seems skin is all I've been interested in. It most likely stems from the fact that I reigned in my routine a few months ago. It was an attempt to finish more products, and now that the season has changed, and I really am finishing things, I can dive back into the skincare world. I'm diving deep, and as it happens, have a few choice potions that are perfect for keeping skin happy during the summer season. Ready to dive in with me?

skinceuticals hydrating b5 masque

My skin runs dry most of the time. Okay, all of the time, but in warmer months it's easy to want to use less hydrating products- nobody wants to slather on a heavyweight moisturizer. Plus, sweaty summer skin just seems less dry, you know? What it comes down to though, is that i still need hydration. The solution lies in lightweight formulas and an easy weekly mask for an added boost. The SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque is basically a tall drink of cool water, but you know, for your face. The crystal clear gel mask features a high concentration of hylauronic acid and B5 which work in unison to be intensely hydrating while improving skin's tissue repair function. Using the mask is as simple as applying, relaxing for 10-20 minutes, and washing off, but the effects are incredible! My dry areas are almost undetectable, with the whole of my face feeling supple and smooth.

eir nyc hydrating mist farmhouse choc fig serum

There may be a theme of lightweight hydration, but for my skin enough is never enough and I tend to give it what it wants. While serum formulas do tend to be lightweight by nature, but the FarmHouse Fresh Chocolate Fig Vitamin Rescue Serum is also a pure joy to use. The super hydrating, gel-like serum features organic California figs, cocoa, and Texas wildflower honey with added vitamins A, E, and B5 to create an antioxidant and nutrient cocktail like no other. Plus, it smells incredible! Double plus, the plastic pot makes it incredibly easy to travel with.

I am a major fan of facial mists in general, but anything that gives me moisture is extra appreciated. The EIR NYC Hydrating Facial Mist is, as you guessed, a hydrating mist featuring witch hazel, aloe and botanical oils (rose, jasmine, and geranium). It is perfect for use as a toner, setting spray, skin refresher, and as a remover for mineral sunscreens. The mist is super-fine as well, so you can easily get light misting without feeling drenched.

shiseido white lucent day emulsion fresh freshface glow
 fresh freshface glow in sunset

I'm really not one to go for a tanned look come warmer weather, but I do love to get glowy. Or, glowier than usual, because really, I'm always down for a little radiant glow.  Be it an actual luminizer, or brightening skincare to give me the real deal. For the real thing, the Shiseido White Lucent Day Emulsion Broad Spectrum SPF 23 is an all-in-one option. It brightens dull skin while hydrating all day (yay!) and offering a little sun protection. The formula works to improve the look of dark spots, dullness, and fine lines (aka the early signs of aging) to create a more even looking skin tone and lit from within radiance. The cream formula is light, easily absorbed, and smooths, making it a great primer option.  I know what you're thinking "Umm.. aren't you going to mention actual sunscreen?" Indeed, but you'll have to check back soon. It's in the works. Continuing on...

As for the not quite natural glow, the Fresh FreshFace Instant Glow Luminizer in Sunset is perfect for faking a healthy-looking, lightly sun-kissed glow. The lightweight cream adds a little hydration while infusing skin with a soft wash of golden glow. Formulated with moisturizing meadowfoam seed oil, soothing cucumber extract, and vitamins C & E this is is more than just a pretty glow-giving product. This works on no makeup days for an added something, while also being gorgeous with foundation. Unlike other luminizers you apply under foundation, this is best applied over as it is quite sheer and subtle. But, you can also amp it up by dabbing it on for a more intense glow in lieu of highlight. This won't leave you looking shiny or sparkly, but with the most gorgeous, soft radiance.

group smmr skin

Overall, some truly excellent summer skin care options, especially if you're always searching for a little extra hydration. I know SkinCeuticals can be tricky to purchase online in Canada, but I am pleased to report that Beauty Sense offers a nice selection of product and offer free shipping on all orders. Bonus! What do you think? Could you use any of these summer routine?

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