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Friday, August 9, 2019

And Then There Was Two... | Vichy Mineral 89 Eyes

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Was two or where two... Regardless as to where you fall on the grammatical front, I'm sure you can agree that sequels can be questionable. Okay, more often than not, they probably should have just never happened, but sometimes... Well, sometimes they're everything you didn't even know you were missing. Vichy Mineral 89 Eyes is just that.

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If you're up on your skincare releases, you may remember the launch of the original Mineral 89- a wondrous little hydrating serum. I chatted it up then (read it here) and can report I am still continuing on a very loving relationship. I am now on my second bottle and am sure a third and likely fourth are in my future, but maybe not quite so often, as Vichy has introduced a larger 75 ml bottle. The serum is a dream for dry skin and is especially great as pre-makeup skincare since it gives lasting results. I originally kept my bottle in the bathroom, but it now lives on my vanity since it is the first step in any of my makeup endeavors.

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With all that said, you can see how I was maybe a little too excited about the new addition to the Mineral 89 family. The Mineral 89 Eyes brings a similar formula as the original, but you know, optimized for the eye area. Like the original serum, Mineral 89 Eyes features 89% Vichy mineralizing thermal water and natural origin hyaluronic acid but caffeine joins the party for added efficacy when dealing with darkness and puffiness around the eyes. The trio of main ingredients work to create something super hydrating that also works to diminish signs of aging and brighten the overall eye area.

With a super lightweight feel, the serum absorbs quickly into the skin leaving nothing but perfectly hydrated skin. Vichy claims that this can hydrate for 24 hours, a claim I usually wouldn't put much stock in, but this is deceptively hydrating and does seem up to the task. Having drier skin I didn't know if this would be enough on its own, but it offers up all I need. I don't know if I've seen much in the way of brightened under-eye circles, but can attest to the fact that this helps decrease morning puffiness. I have the bad habit of pretty much sleeping on my face, so while my puffiness may be minimal, it is certainly there. A little dab of this as part of my morning routine, and I appear much more awake and maybe even a smidgen bushy-tailed.

The serum is housed in a simple, but cute glass bottle with a pump that perfectly dispenses a small dollop of serum (aka exactly what you need.) It also boasts a fragrance, alcohol, oil, silicone, and paraben free formula, which interestingly, only contains thirteen ingredients. If you're one to peruse the list on your products, you know most skincare has a never ending roster of ingredients.

Overall, this is another truly great addition to the Vichy line. It's simple in it's claims (and ingredients) and it does exactly as you'd expect. What do you think? Could your routine use a little something new? Tried this or want to?

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