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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Autumnal Vibes | Mary Kay Fall 2019

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I may or may not have been hoodie and cardigan shopping this morning... What can I say, autumn will be here soon and I am all for it. Mary Kay is marking my official foray into the 2019 fall beauty season with a few new (and limited edition) offerings in the form of new matte lipsticks and two pre-made shadow quads. Ready for a closer look? You know what to do...

mary kay tenacious taupe & spice of life matte lipstick (3)mary kay tenacious taupe & spice of life matte lipstick (1)mary kay tenacious taupe & spice of life matte lipstick (2)

We all know gloss has had a major comeback, but when I think of a fall lip, my mind goes right back to matte. Mary Kay, it seems, has similar thoughts, as the two newest lip offerings are just that. I've had some hit and miss experiences with the Mary Kay Matte Lipstick (these ones & these ones) as it seems it can differ from shade to shade. When it's right, it's a super creamy feeling, easy wearing, non-drying lipstick with a rather enticing vanilla scent. These shades? They happen to be perfection with the most comfortable natural looking matte finish

The fall shades offer something for the cool fans with Tenacious Taupe (dusty brown-taupe) and Spice of Life (dusty berry-red) for those who like a warmer hue. Both are equally gorgeous and oh-so-autumnal, but of course, my neutral loving heart is all about the taupe shade.

mary kay petite palette bundles in feel fierce & radiant confidence

2019 marked a pretty big change up in the Mary Kay cosmetics range, with their Chromafusion range. MK has done pan products for years, but have updated and reformulated with the range with face options (see them all swatched here) and shadows (see them here.) The newest additions to the family are the Mary Kay Chromafusion Eyeshadow Petite Palette Bundles. The Petite Palettes usually come empty, but as part of these cute little bundles, instead feature four pre-matched shadows. Of the two new bundles, there are a few shades from the core lineup, plus a few new ones (more on those in a moment,)

mary kay radiant confidence petite bundle (3)mary kay radiant confidence petite bundle swatches

The Mary Kay Chromafusion Radiant Confidence Petite Palette Bundle is the more neutral of the two new additions. With a mix of mattes and shimmers, the shades give you the option to create simple, everyday-types looks, or get a little more colourful with a pop of blue. The shades included are:
  • Toffee (new): peachy-beige matte. This is similar to Sand Castle from the core range, but more peachy
  • Golden Peach (new): shimmery peachy-pink with golden shift. A more subtle shimmer when used dry, but it really shimmers when applied wet.
  • Radiant Blue (new): shimmering vivid blue. This shade reads darker on the eye than in the pan, making it much easier to incorporate in looks as it's not too bold.
  • Mahogany: medium depth, warm brown matte

mary kay radiant confidence petite bundle eye look
Radiant Confidence eye look

For the looks above, I used Toffee in the upper crease as my transition and along my lower lash-line, with Mahogany through the outer corner, outer lower lash-line, and into the crease. I added Rose Gold to the inner corner and up onto the inner third of my lid to meet Radiant Blue. I added a wing with liquid liner (this one), pearl liner to the waterlines, and House of Lashes Budoir Lashes to finish everything off. This is a pretty straight forward way to use these shades, but doing an all neutral lid with a pop of Radiant blue on the lash-line or inner corner would look amazing as well.

mary kay feel fierce petite bundle (1)mary kay feel fierce petite bundle swatches

The Mary Kay Chromafusion Feel Fierce Petite Palette Bundle offers shades that can create something a little bolder and smokier. I honestly wasn't sure these shades seemed very cohesive, but once swatched, and even more so, once on the eye, I have to say it's a genius combo:
  • Rose Gold:  soft coppery-gold shimmer
  • Pomegranate (new): dusty brick-red matte
  • Hummingbird (new): blue-brown shimmer. It's a little lacklustre dry, but really comes alive when foiled (swatched wet above)
  • Onyx: deep charcoal (it's not quite black) matte

mary kay feel fierce petite bundle eye look
Feel Fierce eye look

I borrowed a bit of Toffee from the Radiance Confidence bundle for the transition, then began building up Pomegranate through the crease and buffed it on my lower lash-line. I wasn't sure how I would like Pomegranate and Hummingbird together, so I went lighter with red initially. I added Hummingbird to the lid then added Onyx to the outer corner and into the crease. I used Rose Gold in the inner corner and up onto the lid, adding to the inner third of my lower lash-line as well. I used Onyx on the outer half of my lower lash-line then as liner on my upper lash-line. Everything is finished off with a bit of black liner in my tight-line and the same HoL Boudoir Lashes.

Overall, I am really pleased with these products! The Feel Fierce shadows were a surprising hit, as I really didn't expect to love the colour combination as much as I do, and the Tenacious Taupe lipstick is just about the most perfect dirty-nude shade I could want. What do you think? Are you ready for fall makeup? Interested in any of these offerings?

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