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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Lip Lovin' | Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish

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Look at me, staying on schedule getting it done. I mean, it helps that I finally got a new computer. Who knew you could get so much done when your computer doesn't overheat and shut down every ten minutes? It's a major game changer. Although, I took on some transcription work, so after spending the bulk of my day typing, whipping out blog posts isn't always my idea of a good time. Granted, the new Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish can encourage me to spend a few more minutes behind the screen.

revlon ultra hd vinyl lip polish (1)

We all know gloss is in the midst of a major comeback, but sometimes you just need a little more opacity and colour than your average gloss can muster up. The Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish formula is made for such an occasion. The gloss (for ease, let's just call it a gloss, okay?) offers the pigmentation and easy wear of a lipstick, but the glossy finish of, well, a gloss.

revlon ultra hd vinyl lip polish (4)

I am always uneasy when products use the term lacquer or vinyl in the name though, as I immediately think of something too heavy, sticky, and often times just plain uncomfortable to wear. I can happily report none of those descriptions are valid with these, as the gloss has a very comfortable texture, is only the slightest bit tacky and doesn't feel like a thick layer of product on the lips. I wouldn't say these moisturize, but they're not drying in slightest, with the addition of vitamin E for added benefit. These have a light fruity-vanilla scent which according to Revlon is actually creamy mango and whipped vanilla. Housed in a rounded tube, these have a cute, but kind of chic look. They apply with a tapered doe-foot applicator complete with a little well that manages to hold the perfect amount of product.

revlon ultra hd vinyl lip polish swatches
Revlon vinyl lip polish swatch collage

The range isn't huge by any mean, but does have eight shades (EDIT eight shades in Canada, but twelve in the US) that range from nudes and neutrals, to red and vampy berries:
  • Date Night: mid-tone mauve-brown nude (also a personal favourite)
  • Birthday Suit: also a mauvey-nude, but a bit lighter and more pink-based
  • Act Natural: pinky beige-nude
  • Power Up: vivid bright peachy-coral
  • Cherry on Top: classic cherry-red
  • Rule the Word: vivid bright fuchsia-pink
  • Berry Blissed: mid-tone  plummy-berry
  • So Shady: deep brown-based berry-burgundy that has Clinique Black Honey vibes, but is unfortunately a bit patchy.

revlon ultra hd vinyl lip polish (3)

Overall, I quite like these! I love that they're pigmented enough to wear without a lip liner (although, it could come in handy with some of the deeper shades) and that for a pigmented glossy formula, these don't feather or get gunky feeling on the lips. We all know that terrible feeling when a once comfortable gloss gets tacky and clumpy... Anyway, these are definitely worthy of a little space in your makeup bag. I'm quite partial to the more neutral shades (surprise, surprise) but they're all pretty gorgeous. What do you think? Interested or nah?

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