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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trendy on the Cheap | Wet n Wild Colour Icon Eyeshadow Palettes

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A post from the 'forgotten files' today. Well, kind of. I've had this post half started since last August when I picked up these Wet n Wild palettes on a whim. I was feeling the need for something peachy when I saw the Not a Basic Peach palette and took it as a good enough reason to grab Rosé in the Air (a very decent ABH Modern Renaissance dupe.) Of course, with the semi-recent problems Wet n Wild found themselves in regarding their cruelty-free status (read up here) I decided maybe to hold off posting these for just a while longer. While I don't exclusively use cruelty-free products, the way Wet n Wild handled the issue (and that it was happening in the first place) has certainly made me weary of supporting the brand in the future.

wet n wildcolour icon eyeshadow palettes

Brand politics aside, Wet n Wild does tend to make a great eyeshadow palette. Sure, they can occasionally be duds, but for the most part they get it right and at an incredible price point. Obviously, there are a few extras that you just don't get with a $6 palette (think cute packaging or mirrors) but sometimes a little cheap thrill is all you need, plastic-y packaging and all.

There seem to be constant additions to the Colour Icon Eyeshadow Palette range, with the odd limited edition offering from time to time. I believe the Rosé in the Air palette was launched last spring, with the Not a Basic Peach following along not long after.

wet n wildcolour icon rose in the air (2)

Since we've got two palettes to chat up, let's get right into Rosé in the Air. This palette has been massively popular out of the range since, as mentioned, it is a great dupe of the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I never fell for the MR palette, but there were a couple of specific shades that called to me (Buon Frescco & Love Letter.) While the original MR is home to 14 shades, WW only includes 10. That said, they do include near perfect versions of the main shades, including the two I was most interested in.

Of course these shadows aren't named, that would make things too easy... From the top transition shade to the last you get:
  • transition (top): a neutral tan-taupe matte
  • 2nd shade: soft cream matte
  • 3rd shade: orange-brown matte
  • 4th shade: warm golden-campaign shimmer
  • 5th shade: warm red-brown matte. This shade has a stiffer, drier texture and swatched with a gritty feel (although it didn't seem so when used on the eyes)
  • 6th shade: dusty pinky-mauve matte
  • 7th shade: red-berry pink matte
  • 8th shade: warm brown shimmer. A super smooth and buttery shade.
  • 9th shade: warm chocolate brown matte
  • transition (bottom): warm tan-brown matte

Okay, so the swatches look pretty decent right? They do, and for the most part felt pretty good. The mattes are smooth enough feeling overall, save for that red-pink shade. The shimmers are on the stiffer side, save for the deeper brown which feels like buttery perfection. The problems began when you start in with brushes. The formula is incredibly crumbly and falls away with even the slightest touch of a brush. On top of that, it just doesn't adhere well to the eyes. Shades loose their individuality and become muddy looking very quickly. While I like applying eyeshadow, and don't mind a longer process, the end result just isn't worth the needed work, sadly.

wet n wildcolour icon rose in the air eye look
Rosé in the Air eye look

For the look above, I knew I wanted to use the mauve shade and the brown shimmer, so I went with a cooler look overall (proving you can with this mostly warm palette.) I used the cream matte (2nd shade) all over as a base with the first transition shade through the upper crease as, well, a transition (go figure...) I used the deep matte brown in the crease (9th shade) with the brown shimmer in the middle of the lid (8th shade) It didn't apply with much shimmer, even after layering it on with a wet brush and my finger, so I added a bit of the champagne shimmer (4th shade) over it to try and add some dimension. I added the mauve matte (6th shade) to the first third of the lid and onto the lower lash line with a little pop of the 4th shade in the inner corner. The shadows, as mentioned, didn't want to adhere (even over primer) and then just looked pretty meh. I ended up dabbing shadow on with my finger to try and amp the colour up after the blended away.

Palette two. I was feeling like I didn't have many (or any...) peach shades in my collection, so these orange and peachy hues of Not a Basic Peach seemed like an obvious choice. With a selection of orangey options and a pop of tropical blue, this palette follows a pretty predominant shadow trend. I can't say this is a dupe of one specific palette, but it does fit with quite a few higher priced options.

wet n wildcolour icon not a basic peach swatches
                                     Wet n Wild Colour Not a Basic Peach Icon Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Again, no names, so we're starting with the top transition shade and working our way to the second:
  • transition (top): soft beige matte
  • 2nd shade: soft cream shimmer
  • 3rd shade: yellow-gold shimmer
  • 4th shade: orange matte
  • 5th shade: peachy shimmer with golden glitter. This shade is very firm feeling on the surface but a bit softer under neath. It almost seemed like it had a glittery overlay.
  • 6th shade: matte peach with micro glitter throughout. The glitter doesn't seem to be apparent when used on the eyes.
  • 7th shade: pinky-bronze with a slight lavender undertone. A true shame, as this unique shade is stiff and almost impossible to apply unless wet.
  • 8th shade: tropical teal-kissed blue shimmer. Another stiff, hard to use shade.
  • 9th shade: deep brown matte
  • transition (bottom): warm, red-based brown matte

So, this palette was both better and worse than Rosé. Worse as the shimmers were very dry and just did not want to stick to skin on their own. I never swatch wet, but the shimmers just would not adhere on their own. When applying to the eye they have to be layered over a base shade or applied wet in layers to get opacity and pigment. That said, the mattes seemed to apply better on the eye and didn't turn muddy. They did however seem to emphasize texture on my lid.

wet n wildcolour icon not a basic peach eye look
Not a Basic Peach eye look

For my Peach look, I used the top transition shade (yup, in the upper crease as a transition) with a super-blend for my out crease (4th & 9th shades + bottom transition) adding a touch more depth with the deepest brown (9th shade) to the outer corner. I used the orange matte (4th shade) on the middle of the lid topped with the peach shimmer (5th shade) layered over. The soft peach (6th shade) went on the first third of the lid with a pop of the golden shimmer (3rd shade)on the inner corner and the blue shimmer (8th shade) along the bottom lash line. Full disclosure- I applied it over a pearly white liner to give it a change of actually showing up and sticking. I also added a little smidge of the cream shimmer (2nd shade) on my brow bone.

Overall, I say skip these. I know I won't be adding either of these into my collection as I will just skip over them time and time again. If you're looking to add Modern Renascence-type shades to your collection, you're probably best with the OG. For my peachy fix, I'm going to pick up the ColourPop Sweet Talk Palette, although they also just announce the launch of the all peach Baby Got Peach Palette. Basically, if you're looking for peach, they've got you. Even though these are inexpensive, they just don't perform well enough to bother with, in my opinion. I just don't have time for such lack lustre results. What do you think? Tried either of these palettes?

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