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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Pearlesque Box | September 2019 Dirty Lamb

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Okay, let's take a moment to ponder why time seems to be moving so quickly all of a sudden... How is Wednesday already and more so, how is it September? I have no clue. I will say though, I am pumped for fall weather, which has already started creeping in. Today was a lovely overcast day with sporadic intervals of rain. Perfection if you was me. September also brings with it the newest Pearlesque Box featuring Dirty Lamb. I was very excited to see Dirty Lamb goodies as I've been wanting to try more of their offerings. Interested too? You know what to do...

If you missed my last Pearlesque Box posts and are wondering what it's all about, I suggest checking one out (here). It features a bit more info as to what you can expect with a Pearlesque Box subscription (like only organic, and natural products, and a focus on full size products- no wimpy samples) If you're ready... 

"Dirty Lamb is a chic, high performance skin care line that focuses on the use of natural ingredients, with no hidden agenda. Ahlam Abbas creates unisex skin care products that leave your skin - and your bathroom - less cluttered. Dirty Lamb does not discriminate about who you are; we're here to reveal the best version of yourself. Founder Ahlam Abbas known as (Lam) quit her job as a NICU nurse to commit full-time to grow Dirty Lamb. Unhappy with skin care available to her Abbas decided to take matters into her own hands and took her passion for cooking and aimed it towards creating a skin care line for women & men. With her American-Palestinian up bringing Abbas tends to highlight ingredients that were frequently used in her kitchen growing up. A natural skin care line that was handmade & effective was hard to find until Dirty Lamb was founded in 2016."

pearlesque box september dirty lamb (5)Dirty Lamb Ultra Day Serum 30 ml (full size) $44 USD | Dirty Lamb Ultra Night Serum 30 ml (full size) $52 USD

It's not unusual to find an oil or two in a Pearlesque Box, and I have to admit, I've been feeling a bit meh about trying new ones lately. It's merely a phase, but you could say I just haven't been inspired to try anything new in the arena. That did change a bit with the Dirty Lamb Ultra Day Serum though. With a thicker texture, and lemony scent (the formula features lemon oil) it leaves a super smoothed and (as promised) non-greasy feel on skin. I just received this box, so I haven't had much time with this serum, but my drier skin seems to love it as it is very easily absorbed and just feels so great. Along with the aforementioned lemon oil, rice bran, hemp seed, neem, sunflower seed, and sage oil also join the party.

Evenings of course, need a little something too, for which the Dirty Lamb Ultra Night Serum is on the scene. Lavender oil provides the scent to this serum with wheat germ, sweet almond, grapeseed, avocado, and hemp seed oils mingling to create an antioxidant and fatty acid rich blend for hydrated, happy skin.

pearlesque box september dirty lamb (1)pearlesque box september dirty lamb (2)Dirty Lamb Coffee Scrub 54 g (travel size) $21 USD | Dirty Lamb Turkish Coffee Mask 109 g (full size) $44 USD

The coffee & mint products are what initially drew me in to Dirty Lamb, so I was super pleased to get to try both of the brand's coffee-based products. The Dirty Lamb Coffee Scrub is a perfect little combo of Arabica coffee, coconut oil, and mint leaves which not only smell incredible, but also gives skin a perfect buffing. Now, the brand states this is a body and face scrub, and while I like it for body, it seems like too much (as in too scrubby) for the face. For the body though, this polishes skin beautifully without being too oily feeling (aka it doesn't leave an oily film post rinse.)

The face isn't left out though, as the Dirty Lamb Turkish Coffee Mask is meant for, well, your face, as most masks are. The mask features a similar ingredient rundown, this time with Turkish coffee, cardamom, turmeric, coconut oil, and dried mint leaves. The blend is packed with vitamin c and turmeric to aid in brightening (always a fave claim in my book) with claims of being able to also improve blood circulation, reduction of blackheads and scarring, and a brighter complexion overall.

I set out to have a me-time mask session with this last night. I warmed the pot in hot water (to bring it back to a more fluid texture) but wasn't a fan of the formula or experience. The mask has a scrub texture, even once warmer, and as such doesn't adhere to skin very well. The coffee is quite coarse, so it clumps up and falls off of your face and is a mess. Applying a thin layer (as the brand suggests) is a trying process. Once I did get some mask to stay on my face, I realized I just didn't like it due to the coarse texture of the coffee. I used to love using super scrubby scrubs, but I'm a wiser lady now. I know they're not doing my skin any favours. Removing the mask means you're scrubbing your face, even when taking a gentle approach. Will I used this ask again? Sure, in the shower as body scrub, but it's a no go for on my face.

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Overall, an okay box. I'm quite look forward to getting more use of the serums, but am ultimately left feeling a bit let down by the mask. I love that Pearlesque Box aids in discovering something you may have otherwise never found. A monthly subscription to Pearlesque Box will set you back $39.95 (free shipping within the USA, international shipping is an additional fee.) You're pretty much guaranteed to get much more for your money- this month's box has a value of $161 USD. To receive this month's box, subscribe here by September 5th and use code BAILEY15 to save 15% on your first order.

Pearlesque Box offers 3, 6, and 12 month options along with electronic gift cards that can be used in their store or on subscription purchases. What do you think? Do you or have you subscribed to Pearlesque Box? Tried anything from Dirty Lamb?

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