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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

When Two Become One | Avon X THEFACESHOP

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Boo! I'm going to guess you thought you'd seen the last of me. I may have thought that too, but look at me blogging away. Okay, one sentence does not a blog make, but we're getting somewhere, right? Anyway, getting past my all too lengthy absence, and onto something much more interesting... The fact that Avon has partnered with THEFACESHOP. Now, it's not quite the newest news, as they've been rolling out launches over the past few months, but as a lover of both brands, I'm pretty pleased. Read on for a little rundown of what's currently available.

As mentioned, Avon has been rolling out more and more Face Shop products, so what I'm chatting up is merely a petite sampling. For instance, they've just recently added a smattering of Belif and  Dr. Belmeur skincare products (like a cica peptide ampule!) and there may even be more in the works. Who knows. Anyhow, lets chat skincare for a moment, as I happen to be very smitten with THEFACESHOP offerings.

avon x the face shop Mango Seed

The Mango Seed collection is a beloved member of THEFACESHOP family, and (as you should have figured out by now) can easily be procured from Avon. Of the range, the Avon X THEFACESHOP Mango Seed Advanced Radiant Moisturizing Oil and Mango Seed Advanced Radiant Moisturizing Butter. Both feature mango seed oil, which is known for its superior skin conditioning properties, and a whole host of good things, I was doing a little reading and am now feeling the need to slather myself silly with the stuff. Also in the mix is shea butter, for a moisturizing boost, and ceramides, which work to strengthen and protect skin's natural barrier.

The oil has a lightweight, easily absorbed, clean feeling texture. While this oil blend is great for the skin (face and body) and hair, I was a bit disappointed to see the mango seed oil is so low on the ingredient list. Argania spinosa kernel oil (aka argan oil) makes up the bulk of this blend.

However, the butter... Oh, what can I say about this heavenly hydrator bestowed upon us from angels on high? Ahem, can you tell I like it? The butter is chock full of both mango seed butter, extract, and oil. It has a rich, buttery texture that my dry, winter-parched skin just can't seem to get enough of. Yes, I'm all ready on my second pot. It's just that good.

avon x the face shop The Solution Nourishing Mask

How can you talk Face Shop with a sheet mask in the mix? Clearly, you can't. Avon is offering three of the Solution range masks (Firming, Pore Care, & Nourishing.) I have been on a major sheet mask kick the past few months, using one almost every day (I realized I had a very sizable stash to get through) so I didn't really need one, but... Yeah, I opted to treat my skin to the Avon X THEFACESHOP The Solution Nourishing Mask, which features propolis extract to not only hydrate, but also restore tired, dull looking skin.

avon x theface shopInk Lasting Primer
With skincare squared away, it only makes sense to chat a moment on the colour cosmetic offerings. As one would expect, cushion formulas (foundation, blush & highlight) are on the menu along with a smattering of cute lip shades, and even a few shadow palettes. Oh, and primer. Even the most cared for skin can benefit from a well prepped base pre-foundation. The Avon X THEFACESHOP Ink Lasting Primer is an interesting product, as it starts of as a wet feeling gel, but as if magically, disappears leaving an incredibly smooth, even, and blurred canvas. If offers a similar effect to your standard silicone primers, but is completely weightless. It offers oil control throughout the day, but doesn't dry skin with the addition of prune extract and rose flower oil that aid in keeping skin hydrated.

avon x the face shop Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation

I think by now, most of us are familiar with cushion products, but if you're not we can do a crash course... Basically, the compact contains a sponge-like centre (the cushion) that is saturated with liquid product you apply. See? Simple. You can use a brush, fingers, or the sponge that is included with most cushion products. The Avon X THEFACESHOP Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation Slim Fit includes such an applicator. It's worth noting as the sponge is an anti-bacterial material (called Rubbycell) that allows for the cleanest application possible. The range is home to 18 shades, and of course, I got the wrong one. I can say though that the medium-ish coverage foundation does offer nice coverage with a very natural-matte (aka skin like) finish that looks perfected and even without being too much coverage. I found this wears quite well on my drier skin, as the matte finish isn't heavy or dry feeling and can easily be touched up without looking caked on.

avon x the face shop Moisture Cushion Blushavon x the face shop 03 coral Moisture Cushion Blush

As mentioned (mere moments ago, keep up) cushions are available in just about every form you could want. In the case of the Avon X THEFACESHOP Moisture Cushion Blush, we've got blush (yeah, I know, you know because you can read...) The blush offerings are a little slim with only three shades (Red, Pink, & Coral) but the lightweight, liquid color is just so pretty on skin. I have the shade 03 Coral, which gives a soft, coral flush to cheeks with a natural, watercolour-esqe flush to cheeks. Even better than a cute hue is the formula infused with a blend of passionflower, rosehip oil, and vitamin e to nourish skin. The formula feels quite wet and thin (thinner than other cushion products I've used) but belnds easily and leaves the faintest bit of a dewy finish.

avon x the face shop Flat Velvet Lipstick in fluffy pink (1)avon x the face shop Flat Velvet Lipstick in fluffy pink (2)avon x the face shop Flat Velvet Lipstick in fluffy pink (3)
                                    Flat Velvet Lipstick in Fluffy Pink 1.4 g $12 USD / $16 CAD

Last up, a little something something for lips. The current Face Shop offering feature a few finishes and formulas, but it's the Avon X THEFACESHOP Flat Velvet Lipstick we're chatting up. The twist-up pencil is home to a smooth and creamy feeling lipstick that melds into a soft, powdery feeling velvet finish. While the formula is matte, it's got an easy wearing (and lip loving) array of ingredients to keep your actual lips from drying out. Calendula, jojoba, argan, and olive oil join the party to nourish and hydrate throughout wear. There are currently ten shades in this range, with an array of pinks, corals, and reds, of which I have Fluffy Pink, a neutral pink.

avon x the face shop Root Touch Up (1)avon x the face shop Root Touch Up (2)

SO, we've got skincare, we've got cosmetics, and... I guess, miscellaneous? Possibly hair care, but category aside, the Avon X THEFACESHOP Root Touch Up is a wondrous little product. The mirror capped pot features a quick and simple solution to grown-out roots and greys. The powder is available in four shades (light brown, reddish brown, dark brown, and black) that applies with a cute little puff. The powder covers amazingly well with a swipe or two, and is even formulated to nourish the scalp as it features artemesia princeps leaf extract (aka mugwort), black bean, and ginseng. My hair is usually not the most typical in colour, but my roots are black. This is a great little fill-in when I'm in between colourings and would like my greys to vanish.

I already knew I would enjoy these products, as I've been a long-time fan of all things Face Shop, but I do love how easily accessible the brand is now that Avon has teamed with them. All of the products are made in Korea (as all Face Shop products are) and have the same quality I know and expect. What do you think about this twosome? Are you a fan of any Face Shop products? Tried any of these or want to?

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