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Thursday, April 2, 2020

OPI Mexico City Collection | Spring 2020

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As part of my monumental return to regularly scheduled blog posts I made myself a great, well... Schedule. But, in lieu of everything going wrong on in the world, and the rainy overcast skies I'm currently looking at, I thought something a little more colourful was in order. The most colourful thing I could think of? The new OPI Mexico City Collection for Spring 2020. Spring collections can often be a little tame, but OPI has brought us some much needed vibrancy to see us through uncertain times, even if it wasn't intended.

Hue is the Artist is an ultra whitened, barely there lavender cream, although in some light it does look more rosy. It's rather unassuming in the bottle but incredibly cute on nails. I've been wearing it a lot and have found that Glitter to My Heart (the silvery glitter topper from the OPI X Hello Kitty Collection) is a perfect way to give this shade a little something extra (for the times extra is a must) as an all over topper, or layered on the tips for a gradient effect.

opi ¡viva opi!

¡Viva OPI! is a vivid true red cream with a pretty fantastic formula. Why, you ask? That my polish loving friend is one coat. Smooth, easy flowing, and super pigmented.

opi my chihuahua doesn't bite anymore

My Chihuahua Doesn't Bite Anymore is a saturated red-orange cream. This is another shade with a great formula, granted, I did use two coats for full depth (it was so close to perfect on the first though!) If the name sounds familiar, it's a nod to the 2006 Mexico Collection shade My Chihuahua Bites.

opi coral-ing your spirit animal

Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal is a delightful tangerine-coral cream with an easy applying formula. Two coats.

opi mural mural on the wall

Mural Mural on the Wall is a coral jelly-like polish packed with flakes of golden shimmer. The jelly-like texture does lead this to be a bit transparent, but it does build easier than I expected. I did need to use three coats to cover visible nail line, but would also work nicely over Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal, if multiple coats just isn't your style.

opi suzi's slinging mezcal

Suzi's Slinging Mezcal is a metallic, yellow gold with a soft smattering of silver foil. I was hoping this would be one of OPI's amazing foil shades, but it does suffer from a bit of brush stroke-itis. The formula is a little thin, but does build to a fully opaque coverage with two coats.

opi dont tell a sol

Don't Tell a Sol is a sunny yellow cream. It looks like it should be more pastel when you see it in the bottle, but is quite pretty on nails. For a yellow shade (which can often be fickle to apply) this formula isn't too bad. The first coat was pretty uneven, but as long as you don't play around too much, the second coat provides an even finish. Two coats.

opi mexico city move-mint

Mexico City Move-Mint is a  is a whitened mint cream. It's a classic spring type of shade, that I can't seem to get enough of- I've been wearing this shade constantly. The formula is okay, it's a bit thicker than it needs to be, and prone to being uneven on the first coat, but does level out nicely on the second. Two coats.

opi verde nice to meet you

Verde Nice to Meet You is a mint meets turquoise (is there a name for such a combination?) cream with a perfect formula. Really, it was this close to perfection on the first coat. Two coats.

opi mariachi makes my day

Miriachi Makes My Day is a rich, deep purple cream with a blue undertone. It is within the blurple family, but I did find no matter how I tried to photograph it, it just pulled a bit too blue. I tried coaxing more of the purple by using my sweater (see above) but it didn't really do the trick. Anyhow, this is another extremely opaque and pigmented shade, as what you see is one coat.

opi mi casa es blue casa

Mi Casa es Blue Casa is a bold blue cream. Again, this isn't quite colour accurate (my camera was having a bad day, okay?) It is just a bit deeper / darker in person, but still a rich, vivid shade. I am quite partial to blues like this and the formula makes it doubly nice as it's super easy and smooth in two coats.

opi telenovela me about it

Telenovela Me About It is a bright buble-gum type pink shade with soft, glowing blue shimmer. This has a crelly-type finish (cream + jelly = crelly) so there is some transparency. I found this built faster than I anticipated based on the first coat, but I still needed three coats to cover visible nail line.

Overall, I really like this collection! At first glance, I was a little meh about how many straight cream shades were in the mix, but the colours are so pretty on that I don't even mind. My favourites have been shifting a lot lately, but I highly recommend Hue is the Artist, Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal, Mexico City Move-Mint, and Mi Casa es Blue Casa. What do you think? Are you into any of these shades?

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