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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Gloss Like a Boss | Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss

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Oh, blog fans... I don't know what I was seeing / thinking when I took the photos for this blog post... I'm getting accustomed to a new camera, and for the photos I love, it seems like I have a hundred that are utterly useless. It looks like you may be viewing a few of them today. Normally, my perfectionist tendencies would kick in right about now and I'd spend the night re-doing them. That's not happing though. Oh well, the swatches look great so let's skip to them, okay? Deal.

Mary Kay unlimited lip gloss 2020 (2)
Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss 3.9 ml $16 USD / $18 CAD

You know what's even better? Just getting rid of the offensive images all together. Who needs them? Not me. You know why? When it comes down to it, we've all seen lip gloss. Clear tube, black cap, same old, same old. While Mary Kay hasn't done anything ground breaking in terms of packaging, their Unlimited Lip Gloss is pretty stellar. Wait, they did add a cupped doe foot applicator. It holds the perfect amount of gloss and is almost shaped like the curve of your lip. It's pretty nice, actually. The gloss has got a balmy, easy wearing feel on lips that offers a lot of shine, but zero tackiness, plus offers a nice amount of hydration thanks in part to the added vitamin C & E.  

It's made even better by the fact that that the range is home to 14 shades in three finishes (cream, pearl, and shimmer), including a nude for every skin tone. The neutrals make up about half of the collection, and as per usual, are my favourites of the bunch. 
  • Sheer Illusion (shimmer): a clear based gloss, with super fine iridescent glitter.
  • Soft Nude (pearl): a sheer wash of light beige-nude with soft shimmer. 
  • Nude Blush (cream): a soft, natural beige-pink. 
  • Unique Mauve (cream): a neutral pink-mauve.
  • Tawny Nude (cream): a medium depth, neutral beige-brown.
  • Chocolate Nude (cream): a sheer, deep chocolate brown.
  • Copper Aura (shimmer): a sheer, tan base with copper and golden shimmer.

As you'll see in the lip swatches below, many of the shades that look like they may be more intense, actually offer a buildable wash of colour. This gloss does layer easily, so you can amplify the intensity, without that over-glossed, gloopy feeling.
  • Beach Bronze (shimmer): virtually clear base, with bronze shimmer. This shade is very similar to Copper Aura, but does read more bronzed when the light reflects on the shimmer.
  • Fancy Nancy (shimmer): a  rosy pink gloss packed with a ton of golden-pink shimmer. This is not for those looking for a soft shimmer, this is quite intense.
  • Pink Ballerina (pearl): blue-based pink with soft shimmery-pearl finish.
  • Pink Fusion (cream): a wash of vivid pink.
  • Berry Delight (shimmer): berry toned fuchsia with subtle blue and violet shimmer.
  • Iconic Red (cream): a wash classic cherry red.
  • Evening Berry (pearl): a grapey purple, with a soft shimmery pearl sheen.

Overall, I've been loving this gloss formula! The shades that have made it into my current rotation (yes, you can totally wear gloss to roam around your house) are Sheer Illusion, Nude Blush, and Tawny Nude. I love how comfortable this formula is, and that they really took the time to think of a nude for everyone. What do you think? Have you been wearing more gloss lately? Like any of these shades?

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