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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Lip Liner Lovin' with Colourpop, Melt, Inglot & Sephora Collection

lip liner lovin
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For the longest time, I just didn't bother with lip liners. I'd get the odd one and end up using it, but I didn't actively seek them out. Lately though? I've been all about that liner life. I've been into sheer, glossy lip options a lot lately, but sometimes you just need a little more colour and definition, you know? Aka the perfect time for a lip liner to shine. As per usual when it comes to my lip colour preferences, most of these are on the neutral side. What can I say? I like what I like.

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lip liner lovin (2)

lip liner lovin (1)

When it comes to lip liners, I'm not super fussy. I go by colour first (of course, it's usually neutral) and then try and find something that won't leave my lips sandpaper dry. Over the past few years that liners have had a surge in popularity, it seems like they've gotten better in that department. More formulas are creamy and smooth, apply without tugging, and while they're not going to add any hydration, don't suck it out like their nonexistent lives depended on it. The bunch we're going to chat up today are luckily, all pretty creamy. I haven't found these to be too drying, but I've been almost exclusively wearing them with lip gloss so I may not be the best judge. That said, not all formulas are as lip friendly as others.

lip liner swatches sephora melt inglot colourpop

On to the liners:
  1. Sephora Collection Rouge Gel Lip Liner in Bellflower: a twist up, gel formula, so you really are getting an creamy, easy glide formula, but sets just enough to still be long lasting. The shade is a neutral, mauve meets lavender. Okay, not the easiest to describe, but it's quite pretty topped with a clear shimmery gloss. 
  2. Inglot Colour Play Lipliner in # 334: a twist up pencil in a neutral, carnation pink-beige hue. I know it's a small complaint, but can we get a real name? Numbers are just so clinical (an almost impossible to remember.) That said, I quite like that this is a slim pencil, and sharpens to a perfectly sharp point for precision application.
  3. Melt All Day Everyday Lip Liner in Nudist: the lone wood pencil in the bunch, and the one most likely to be drying (read: it is) given its 'ultra matte' finish. The shade is pretty much what you'd expect from the name, a medium depth, cool griege (aka grey meets beige) with a slight mauve undertone. For a cool shade, it's just warm enough to not make you look like a Night of the Living Dead extra.
  4. Colourpop Lippie Pencil in Oh Snap: a muted, natural pink-beige. Formula wise, CP does a pretty great pencil that is neither too creamy or overtly drying. I kind of hate how little of the product is at the tip when it is new though. You're left having to sharpen them halfway through your first use. 
  5. Colourpop Lippie Pencil in Another Round: a warmer, rosy beige-nude. Yup, another take on 'nude', although I do try to limit my use of nude as a colour descriptor as everyone's real 'nude' hue differs and is predominantly only representative of the caucasian skin tone.
  6. Colourpop Lippie Pencil in Cool BFF: the CP Lippie Pencil range is home to a few BFF shades, with something for just about every skin tone. This version however, is a  cool, dusty taupe with a rosy undertone.

lip liner lovin lip swatches sephora colourpop melt inglot

Overall, I'm a fan of all of these pencils, but when it comes down to it, go with Sephora Collection for the least matte. If it's budget-friendly products you seek, the answer is obviously Colourpop. Inglot is a solid choice, but maybe skip the Melt liners if you've always got dry lips, as the 'ultra-matte' formula isn't forgiving unless you're topping with something hydrating or glossy. What do you think? Do you have a favourite lip liner? What shades do you find yourself drawn to?

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