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Monday, December 14, 2020

Pounce & Bounce | Colourpop The Full Beat Blending Sponge Kit

colourpop full beat blending sponge set (5)
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While I do dabble with brushes when it comes to foundation application, my go-to just tends to be more sponge. Sure, there are some formulas that just don't agree with sponges, but for the most part, I just really like the ease and finish of a good ol' sponge. That said, when Colourpop released their own range of complexion sponges, I took notice. I didn't snag them right away, and as such was left a wee bit deflated when the Full Beat Sponge Kit was removed from the site. Obviously they came around and brought it back, and that's when I pounced. Want to take a deep dive as to what it entails? You know what to do...

colourpop full beat blending sponge set (3) colourpop full beat blending sponge set (4)
Colourpop The Full Beat Blending Sponge Kit $20 USD

If sponges are your thing, the Colourpop Full Beat Blending Sponge Kit is your best bet to not only try a handful of sponges, but it's also super economical. $20 (USD) for five sponges is almost like they're giving these away, especially when you compare to those sponges. You know the ones... I will continually try random sponges in search for my perfect texture before I buy those ones. They're just too damn pricey for something you're going to throw out in a few months.

Anyway, The Full Beat Blending Sponge Kit gives you five sponge options to find your perfect fit, or have a sponge on hand for any and every need. Should you be really into a particular sponge, they can be purchased individually for $7 (USD) each. 

colourpop full beat velvet spongeColourpop Velvet Blending Sponge

The first sponge in the kit is the Velvet Blending Sponge. The Velvet sponge is flocked, making the most sumptuously soft sponge you've ever felt. It's like applying products with a teddy bear. I initially was only using it for powder application, but I went cuckoo-banana pants and started using it for cream products as well (like foundation and cream blush.) It gives a very smooth, airbrushed finish, and as noted, is just so soft!

colourpop full beat detail spongeColourpop Detail Blending Sponge

The Detail Blending Sponge is your basic sponge, but with a teardrop shape. The conical end makes it perfect for any area of the face as it offers the most precision of all the styles in the kit. The sponge texture, for me, is perfect- not too firm, not too squishy, it doesn't seem to eat up product, and just feels right. My main issue with sponges is when they're too firm, which is a non-issue with these. Yay!

colourpop full beat hourglass spongeColourpop Hourglass Blending Sponge

Like the Detail sponge, the Hourglass Blending Sponge is your basic sponge material, but with a curvaceous hourglass shape, mainly to make the sponge easier to handle, and a slightly pointed tip for more precision application. This style is fine, fairly similar to the Detail sponge, nothing exciting but nice to have regardless.

colourpop full beat complexion spongeColourpop Complexion Blending Sponge Sponge

The Complexion Blending Sponge is your speedy sponge. The tapered flat edge of this otherwise eggy sponge is perfect for getting product on your face and blended out quickly. It has the same texture / makeup as the others in the bunch, and so conveniently also has a tapered tip for precision application. I quite often blend out my concealer with my finger, but finish off with a sponge, so having a tapered edge negates having to have a second sponge or brush. Those cute little baby sponges are adorable, but how often does anyone actually remember to use them?  

Wrapping up the sponge club is the Silicone Blending Sponge. While it's made of the same perfectly squishy sponge material, this guy boasts a silicone core. The core is meant to stop your product from being eaten up by the sponge, and can even aide in retaining the coverage of your more full-coverage formulas (a downside of sponge application, if you're so inclined to favour high-coverage.) I like lighter coverage in general, but I do love that this does seem to keep as much product from disappearing into the sponge. 

So, what you really want to know is are these worth it? Totally! I have been super happy with these sponges and when I'm in need of new ones, I'll be repurchasing. I've only had one wash with these, and they came clean easily and with no damage to the sponges. Time will tell, but they feel pretty well made, like they'll be able to handle a decent amount of wear before showing their age. What do you think? Are you team sponge or brush? Tried these or want to?

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