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What type of camera do you use? 
I currently use a Fuji Film Finepix HS20 EXR. It's my baby and I love it.

What font do you use on your blog headings?
I've just moved on from the font that garnered that question, but it was Clipper Script Fat. The current font is Grand Hotel.

How did you change your fonts?
I followed this tutorial from Kevin & Amanda. The process isn't very difficult if you have general html knowledge. They also offer a huge selection of free handwritten fonts if you're looking for a unique, casual font.

What do you use to edit your photos?
For the bulk of my photos I just use PicMonkey, but I also use Pixlr- O-Matic (they have some great filters) and Photoshop Elements if I really want to get creative.

Where did you get your vanity mirror?
The mirror in question is made by Danielle by Upper Canada (a subsidiary of Upper Canada Soap) the exact model I have doesn't seem to be available anymore, but a very similar one can be found here

What is your skin tone?
I have fairly light skin and usually use the second lightest shade for foundation. With MAC products I am on the lighter side of NW20 and I wear NARS Sheer Glow in Deauville, but it's just slightly darker than I need.

What skin-type do you have?
Dehydrated normal. Common issues- dullness/dryness, large pores, and occasional hormonal breakouts (fun!)

Do you offer ad space?
Yes! For small businesses and blogs interested in advertising, all the information you need can be found  here.

What does your blog name mean? It's not really beauty related...
No, that it is not. When I made my blog I was kind of leaning towards starting a music blog, and used a portion of a line from a song I was loving at the time. You can hear it here (listen right to the end.) And yes, I still love that song!

Were else can I find you?
All of my social media links can be found in the sidebar.

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