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Friday, July 30, 2010

Review: Mario Badescu Orange Tonic Mask

I have to say that of all the brands I have tried, Mario Badescu is one that I truly love. But, as a perpetual product "tryer" ie. a never ending urge to try something new, I haven't replaced many of my Badescu favourites.I did just receive an order containing one of my all time faves: orange tonic mask. I first tried this product when I completed the Mario Badescu skin analysis and this product was included in the free samples they sent me. You'd like some samples too you say? Well, I guess I could tell you... go here. Be patient, and a nice sized packet of goodies will greet you, if by chance they don't arrive, send them an email. After waiting for months, and receiving nothing, I did, and they sent them out again.

Out of the range of products I have used by Badescu, this mask is not only my favourite product by them, but also one of my favourite masks period. I love a good mask as much as I love a good scrub (an I LOVE a good scrub!) What makes the mask so great? It really works! I have tried way too many masks that don't do anything. In my opinion a good mask does two things it does what it claims to do, and it dries, heats up or... whatever else masks are supposed to do.

me all masked up

Mario Badescu states "Purify and tighten pores with this refreshing clay mask designed to treat normal, combination or slightly oily skin types. Reduce pore-clogging build-up that can cause pimples and blackheads by using this mask regularly. Rejuvenates dull skin with Orange Peel Extract, a natural AHA which exfoliates the skin."

As someone with large pores, I like that this product really does not only tighten them up, but it also works to unclog them. I use this mask quite often, for the simple fact that it works. You apply it thinly over your entire face and wait for it to dry, which usually takes 15-20 minutes. Then simply wash it off. I can see that it has tightened my pores and it makes my face feel amazing. And, it has a natural orange scent. It sells for $18 for a 2 oz. container, but it lasts for a surprisingly long time. I like to apply it with a q-tip so I'm not dipping my fingers into it. Also, when you order you get to choose three free samples! I love that their samples are so generous and you really feel like you have tried the product. I chose the Strawberry Tonic Mask (cousin to the orange) Whitening Mask and the Strawberry Face Scrub.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blog Buttons for All!

I just created a button for my blog (see "blog love" in sidebar) and I am so happy with how it turned out! I used this tutorial from e-how and liked it so much, I thought I would share it. Do you have a button for your blog? Want to see it on my sidebar? Leave me a comment and I'll check it out.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nude Review- Lip Gloss Edition

The glossy gang
The other day, while looking for a particular lip gloss, I couldn't help but notice a trend among my collection : nude. In one quick look I found five nude-y pink glosses and that isn't even including the multitudes that are hidden around the house or in my bags/purses. Don't you love when you pull out a bag and find a favourite gloss you thought was long gone? Anyway, I thought I could do a bit of a comparison of a few of my faves (starting from the left) and one dud.

Click for full version

Hard Candy Sweet Spot in Flower Child
I got my first tube of this gloss from a close friend, and was super into it. It quickly became my go to gloss for wear on its own or for on top of lipstick. This gloss is a semi sheer nude with minimal shimmer. It is slightly sticky but nothing terrible or uncomfortable. I bought a second tube of this from the Sephora clearance section, and it seems like it is no longer available (bummer!) but I have heard that Hard Candy is coming to Wal-Mart in Canada soon, so I will be sure to try whatever line replaced this one.

Cake Beauty Winter Wonderlips in Gingerbread
First off this lip gloss smells delish! It smells just like freshly baked gingerbread. Mmmm. Anyway, this is a recent addition to my collection and I quite like it. It is a tad more shimmery than I would have liked, but it isn't so shimmery that I wouldn't wear it. The colour in the tube looks very brown, but once you get it on, it is a nice neutral nude (hey look an alliteration!) The gloss is a bit thick too, but that does add to it's staying power so I guess I can deal.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect #127
I will say this this is the most expensive lip gloss I have ever bought (at $35) but I have been really happy with it. I was drawn to this colour in particular because it is a creme with not even a hint of shimmer. The colour is a perfect nude with a slight pink undertone. My only wish is that it could have been a bit more opaque. Most nude glosses I have tried run rather sheer, but I was hoping this one would have more coverage. It does show nude when worn alone on lips, but it is even better as a compliment to a nude or neutral lipstick.

DuWop Venom Gloss in Buttercup
The version of this product that I have is a mini, and unfortunately they did not print the name of the colour on the tube. When I compared it to the Sephora listing, the colour looks like it is Buttercup. I really love the clour of this gloss when it is in the tube and when you first put it on, but as soon as the "venom" activates you loose the nude tones because the natural red in your lips darkens. Once the plumping takes effect you completely loose the colour of the gloss. Also, I found the plumping properties to be way too aggressive. It was really painful to wear, and I have a relatively high pain threshold. Overall a bit too "ouchie!" and not enough plumping for it to be worth it.

Avon Smooth Minerals in Natural Glow
Like the Dior gloss, I was drawn to this colour because it was shimmer free. I like a shimmer-less gloss, can you tell? I while I went with natural glow, which has a pink undertone, they also have nude glaze which is a more true nude. This product is a new addition to Avon's smooth minerals line, and having tried the lipsticks I figured I might as well try the gloss too. I am sooo happy I did. This gloss is almost a complete dupe of the Dior gloss. The colour looks a bit darker in my swatch, but on the lip it is pretty much the same. I actually like the wearability of the Avon gloss better, as it doens't get gunky on your lips as you wear it, while the Dior gloss has a tendancy to get gluely over the course of a few hours. For $5 I am very pleased with this and it has quickly become my favourite gloss. I am thinking of picking up rose garnet and pink quartz as they too have no shimmer.

What's your fave nude gloss? I am now on the look out to find the perfect nude lipstick. Every time I go searching for one they seem to be too brown for my paler skin tone, I did pickup a pinky-nude Rimmel lipstick though... Any suggestions?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: Life Essentials Nail Polish Remover Dip

Acetone free and apricot scented

I have never used a "dippy" nail polish remover, but every time I go to grab a bottle of nail polish remover I see them and think I should try them. Of course I never do, but I did this time (obviously.) I picked these up at Shopper's Drug Mart for $4.99 and was initially going to go with the Sally Hansen ones, but these little guys came with 3x the optimum points, I couldn't pass that up.

You can see how mangled the acetone free sponge ended up.

For those who have never used, or aren't sure what a nail polish remover dip is, it is simply a sponge soaked with nail polish remover contained in a little jar. I picked up the acetone free variety and the apricot scented. I have been meaning to switch to an acetone free remover for a while now because it is more gentle on your nails and tends to be less drying than formulas with acetone. The acetone free remover was the first one that I started using, and I noticed right away that the sponge in the container was very soft and started breaking apart as soon as I put my finger in it. Also the smell is horrible. It has a much more concentrated chemical scent compared to your regular acetone formula. The apricot one however is such a great smell! To me it kind of smells like pez candies, if they came in peach.Also, the sponge is much firmer and you don't have to worry about being gentle on the container when you use it. Of course, to use the apricot version I am going back to an acetone based remover... smell wins. I will most definitely be buying this product again!

NOTD: OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

A simple nail of the day, but the most perfect blue I have ever seen! Can you tell I love it? This is a medium blue creme that I imagine if it was a paint colour would have a name like "denim blues" as the tone reminds be of jeans a bit. Even better this is only one coat, okay a thick-ish coat, but a full opaque cover in one coat. Swoon worthy stuff. Topped with Essie "To Dry For" btw.

So, there is someone who plays an integral role here at I Know all the Words HQ and that person *erm* is my kitty Igby. She always wants to be a part of computer happenings, and is almost always ill behaved, in particular today's photo session. As you can see she likes to take center stage. She just had to see inside the camera.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I $ Your Blog Award

I am delighted to announce that Agnes of Pink Box Makeup has awarded me with the "I ♥ Your Blog Award!" Yayy! So, the rules state that I have to post the award on my blog (check!) link back to the person who gave it to me (check! and make sure if you aren't already to follow her blog!) annnd I have to pick 15 other delightful bloggers and pass the award on to them. Here goes, in no particular order, mind you:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: Elizabeth Grant Collagen Firming Eye Pads

Individually wrapped eye pads

This product came in the Summer Beauty bag that I ordered a while ago from The Shopping Channel, and I have to admit, it wasn't a product I was into trying. I have seen Elizabeth Grant products on the Shopping Channel before, and honestly flipped right past them. I am a fair bit younger then their main demographic, and have never been interesting in trying anything from her line of products.
With all that out of the way, I was still left with a full size box of these eye pads. I figured I might as well give them a try. "They only take 15 minutes and who knows, they just might work..." I sarcastically mumbled to myself as I fiddled with the box to see exactly what had to be done on my part. Surprisingly, the box is very minimal with descriptions and what not, and only informs you of the basics: put under eye, wait 15 minutes, remove pad, rub extra serum into skin. Unlike most anti-aging products, the package for this product does not try to win you over with promises, hell, it doesn't even tell you what the product is supposed to do. This is what the Shopping Channel website had to say about them:

• Sap from the African Baobabtree is combined with exclusive Torricelumn to help boost the hydration of the deep down epidermal levels helping to open the contours of the eye area & help supply nutrients to the eye lids which help give the appearance of plump, youthful eyes
• Natural German Chamomile & Vitamin E are blended to help keep the eye area calm & soothed for 24 hours
Me all padded up

So, when you open the individual packets, you find two pads (one for each eye, go figure) on a plastic sheet, much the same as tooth whitening or pore strips. The pads are rather large and take up a fair amount of space on your face. The pads themselves feel terribly slimy and just wrong in general when I first put them on, but once they sit, the coolness of the serum is rather soothing and relaxing. As the serum warms to your body temperature you start to forget the are even there. After the 15 minutes I removed the pads. You are then supposed to rub in any remaining serum, but I had been sitting near a fan the first time, so I had little to rub in. The second time I used them I was sure to stay out of the draft, and I had a fair amount of serum left to rub in.

I really didn't think I would be saying this, but this product really works. By the end of the day, or when I am sleep deprived (which is all too often) I tend to get that hollow, sunken type bag under my eyes. Not so much dark, but the anti-puff or reverse puff as I refer to it. Either way it is irritating. Even when your makeup is flawless you look like crud because of the gaping indents under your eyes. Aside from large pores, that is my biggest pet peeve concerning my face. But, all that said, this product really does show visible results. I didn't think it would, and did not take before or afters, but I saw a noticeable difference under my eyes. The depth of the bags was far less noticeable, granted, it was still there but not quite as prominent. I made the mistake of using this product before bed, wasting my results, so I would recommend this as a morning type of product. All in all I am pleased with this product, but I don't know if I would buy re-purchase it. I think my eye issues are something I will just need to deal with... well concealer is always a friend, but self acceptance helps too. *Hopes eye bags hear that, and take off... permanently!* One can always dream...

You've got to give a little love, to get a little love...

Image courtesy of We ♥ It

Jenny Lewis does it better. Anyway...

Today I am ever so pleased to be featured on Elle's blog EDK.Dolce She regularly shares a lot of love to many amazing blogs by showcasing them as one of her "Featured Followers." Today my little blog was featured!!! Have a look for yourself here. A million thanks to you, Elle! Be sure to check her blog out and don't forget to follow.

While on the love topic, I recently discovered the neatest site for photos. Are you tired of scouring Google only to give up because you can't find what you really want? Try We♥it. Type in your tag and search away. You won't be disappointed. Actually, if you are anything like me it will still take you a long time to find anything, as I'm so indecisive... At least you'll have fun doing it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All about Hauls: a Collection

My OPI's ordered from Spa Boutique

My mailbox has been bursting with goodies the past few days (yay!) I have so many new products to try and share. The first of everything to arrive was my OPI's from Spa Boutique. I got two colours from the France Collection: Tickle My France-y and You Don't Know Jaques. I also got a few colours from the Hong Kong Collection: Lucky Lucky Lavender, Dim Sum Plum, Jade is the New Black and Suzi Says Feng Shui (from left to right as pictured.)

Spa Boutique samples

For those who have never ordered from (or heard of) Spa Boutique, they are a Vancouver based etailer of beauty supplies (not just limited to nail polish) they do however carry many top nail polish brands: OPI, Essie, China Glaze, CND and so on. Shipping is usually $8.95, but using the code FREE24 I got mine shipped free. Although what I ordered arrived on the same day, it was actually two separate orders, so I revived 6 samples (as shown.) Shipping wasn't slow, but it wasn't super speedy either. My orders were placed July 6th and 7th and I received them July 20th. They shipped Canada Post, and had to go from Vancouver to Ontario. All in all, I am pretty pleased with everything and might order again.

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

Lucky Lucky Lavender was the shade that I was most excited about, after Justine posted swatches of the Hong Kong collection on her blog. It is such a fun summery pink (more pink-y than lavender to me) that I just had to wear it first. I love it!

DuWop Foundation of Youth

The second package to arrive was my DuWop Foundation of Youth that I ordered from The Shopping Channel. Regular price for the this product is $42, but I had a $35 savings card, and shipping was free, so in total I got it for $12 (not too shabby!) I got #2 light as opposed to #1 fair, because it looked way too pink, but this shade is a tad dark... I'll make it work, but I am a bit bummed. More of a review coming soon.

Luxuriant Heel Repair and Hands On Balm

Also from The Shopping Channel, I got my showstopper from a few days ago, Luxuriant cracked heel repair and bonus hand relief balm. I have notoriously dry feet at all times during the year ( I rarely wear shoes, I love them, have a ton of them, but I go hippie most of the time.) The before and afters were so convincing I just had to try it. Review coming in a few weeks.

My Cake Beauty haul ♥

Next to arrive, was my Cake Beauty haul. I took advantage of the sale that they had a few days ago and got myself Desserted Island body mousse, Desserted Island shower froth (dubble bubble size,) Satin Sugar hair refreshing mist, Winter Wonder Lips gingerbread lip gloss annnd got It's a Slice creamy shower polish free! Yay for free. I wasn't just thinking about myself though... I picked up an extra Winter Wonderlips for my giveaway! It smells soo good, just like fresh gingerbread cookies! It looks like it should make your lips brown, but it applies as a neutral almost clear colour.

Pharmasave haul

Today, while I was waiting for a prescription at Pharmasave, I noticed Revlon Age Defying foundation in the sale bin ($11.98 regularly $18.89) and I picked up a Ecotools foundation brush for $7.49. Since I saved $7 on the foundation it was like getting the brush for free. Free is nice.

From my "friends" at L'Oreal

Annnd (like that wasn't enough!) when I checked the mail on the way home I was pleasantly surprised to find a little black box from L'Oreal. Inside is a deluxe sample tube of Go Clean 360. It says best used with a scrublette, but it didn't come with one... I bought on from Avon that is pretty much the same as the ones that come with this product, so I will try it out. Review to follow soon. So many products, such little time. Now all I am waiting on is my order from Sephora... I guess there is always tomorrow!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Franken Nail of the Day

My "Dragonette" franken-polish

I was cleaning and organizing my makeup and nail stuff, when I came across two items that I wasn't really into. One was an old white Sally Hansen nail polish, the other an Annabelle Studio Pigment in Dragonette. While I love the band, I just couldn't see myself getting any wear out of the colour. So, being the genius that I am, and remembering that I read an article online about mixing your own polish, I thought I would see what I got.

The pigment, Annabelle "Dragonette"

As you can see in picture above, the pigment is a turquoise-y green. In real life the pigment is rather shimmery, but the end result (as nail polish) is a minted creme turquoise. I am very pleased with the colour, but the finish is slightly matted and needed a coat of top coat for added shine and protection. By using white nail polish as my base I achieve a creme finish but you can also make your own transparent "jelly" type nail polishes by adding pigments (such as loose mineral eyeshadow) into clear nail polish or a sparkled top coat, if you would like a sparkle finish. Want an interesting, and amazing looking use for your polish? Try a gradient look. I have a bunch of pigment samples that I think I am going to use for "jelly" polishes to try the gradient technique out for myself. I'll be sure to post the finished results! Anyone had success making their own custom colours?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sale Alert: Up to 70% off at Cake Beauty

I loooove cake! Both kinds, sure. But Cake Beauty may be my favourite. Head over to Cake to save on selected products. A bit of a bummer, as I wanted to try a few of the new products, but oh well. Hurry though, some items are already sold out. Annnnd you also receive a creamy shower polish with every purchase over $40 and of course free shipping over $75. Yayyy! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nail of the Day & Dollarama Find

craft rhinestones perfect for nail art

Who doesn't love finding a deal? A deal that is only $1 is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I was in Dollarama to get little storage organizers (I have been seriously organizing, I am so proud of myself) and I took the time to browse a bit. In the craft aisle I found these little round rhinestones. They look exactly the same as a set I was looking at elsewhere, but that set retailed at $15.99. Yikes! I was pretty pumped to try these out.

Flower detail

I was already wearing Mac Beiged Bliss, and I admittedly was not feeling very inspired, so I picked a few clear stones, and a blue one to make a little flower. I used a coat of clear polish as a base to stick the stones on with and a coat of Essie "to dry for" as a top coat. I just got to dry for and I loove it! I can't beilieve I went this long without it. The stones stuck easily once on, but it took some effort not to drop them with my tweezers. I saw a pair of super slim tweezers in the clearance at my Shopper's and I think I may have to pick them up for this type of thing.

Sparkle headbands only $1 each

I also found two of the cutest sparkle headbands. They really catch the light and they are the perfect thickness, and better yet they have teeth! I hate toothless headbands. After I got them home I thought that they might have been children's, but they fit on my giant head, so yay!

P.S I was thinking about all of you lovelies and picked up an extra pack of stones for my giveaway (coming soon!)

Review: Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

I have been using this product for a while now, and have been meaning to review it for some time. I moved it into the computer room, did its little photo shoot, and then never got around to reviewing it. Well, that stops now.

Tresemme's new Fresh Start line has two different dry shampoo products for different hair types. They have a foam for curly/dry hair and your typical dry shampoo spray for oily/straight hair. I have been using the oily/straight hair variety, so that is what I will focus on. I picked mine up at Real Canadian Superstore for $4, but average price ranges from $4.99 -$5.99. I was really interested in trying this product, as I had yet to try a dry shampoo and was wanting something to give my hair a bit of a refresher on the second day. Some people can go 2-3 days without washing their hair, but the longest I can go is 2. I have medium-longish hair and am always putting it up or taking it down so it gets oily around the scalp and where I tend to touch it. I wanted this product to refresh those areas in general and possibly give a bit of volume back.

When I first used this product I almost lost my lunch. The can states that the product is a "waterless oil and odour remover with mineral clay and citrus" hummm... needs more citrus. This product makes a horrendous (underline that, twice) chemical scented cloud that quickly took over my entire bathroom. It tastes terrible, as no matter how you use the product you are going to end up with vapours in your mouth. Eww!

So anyway, I dealt with the smell and taste and sprayed it on around the top of my head and around my hairline. I then flipped my head upside down to spray my roots to help re-volumize. I then left it to dry for a few minutes as instructed to by the can. You can tell when the product is drying as it starts to turn white. It is easy to see on my hair as it is a darker brown/caramel colour. I was a bit nervous at this point as I didn't want to have to end up washing my hair to get the white of the dry shampoo off. After a few minutes I started to brush the product out. It took a fair amount of brushing to do, but the lighter the colour of your hair the easier it will be for you. I suggest using an old brush, or one you can easily clean, as the product gets all over the bristles and leaves a white powdery finish. I just rinse my brush out and pat it dry.

Once I had the product all brushed out, I was really quite happy with the results. My hair looked not only clean, but it was also volumized and bouncy. The only downside, is that the product does kind of leave a dull finish to your hair, so you might want to finish it off with a shine enhancing product. Tresemme has one in their Fresh Start line, but I just use a spritz of my leave in conditioner spray and it takes away the dull finish. Overall, I like this product and will probably buy it again. The major downer is the smell/taste and the fact that there is no tinted product for darker hued hair.

Thinking of trying it? grab this coupon first and save $2. Has anyone tried this product? What did you think?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: Annabelle Eye Makeup Remover Cloths

Annabelle is by far one of, if not the, best drugstore brands on the market (and it's Canadian!) so I was intrigued when I received an email yesterday showcasing a few of their new Summer items. I went into Shopper's today to have a look-see. I was specifically looking into the eye makeup remover wipes (review to follow) as they claim to remove waterproof products. The creme remover I am currently using is great, but doesn't get all of the waterproof stuff off. I was also thinking of picking up a few waterproof smoothliners, but I didn't see them. I'm going to look again tomorrow, as I have to go back because my optimum points didn't go onto my card. Grr. Anyway, on with the goods:
Annabelle eye makeup remover pads: two packaged together
From package: "Annabelle Eye Makeup Remover Cloths lift away eye makeup in one quick step; hypo-allergenic cloths are suitable for sensitive eyes, easily dissolve long-wearing and waterproof makeup and are fragrance free." These cloths come packaged together in two 15 wipe packs instead of all 30 together. I think that is a marvelous idea, as it keeps the wipes sealed better, longer, thus you are less likely to end up with dry wipes. The Annabelle website has the suggested retail price as $8.95, but at Shopper's I paid $9.99 (works out to $0.33 per cloth.)
Before (inset) and after
When I opened the package, I was a little surprised at how small they are, but then I remembered that they are just for your eyes, so really they are rather generous. The package says that they are fragrance free, but to me they have a really pleasant sweet smell, almost like almond. To the touch they do not feel very moist, but they did a great job removing my makeup. The mascara that I wore today was waterproof but my liner was not (I think most of it had melted away anyway...) The wipes removed everything. There was not a single bit of mascara left. I specifically used the wipe on my lower lash line (as close to my eye as possible) and there was no stinging, watering, or general "ouchies." I was even able to use one cloth for both eyes. At first I didn't think that the wipe was damp enough, but I flipped it over and had no troubles getting everything off my other eye. I am really pleased with these wipes and will definately keep them on hand for waterproof makeup.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sale Alert: Benefit "Stay Put" Set

So with today being so blah, and me feeling equally blah and being lucky to have absolutely nothing to do today as my Monday tutoring session was canceled, unfortunately my student called after I was up, dressed and beautified... ugh. Anyhow, there is a slight upside to all of this, I had time to waste time doing one of my most favourite things: browse Sephora!!!

I was already shopping last night (I ordered DuWop Foundation of Youth, only cost me $12!) but I still had a slight urge. You know the one. I looked at about a million things, and had a cart full, but my heart wasn't really in it. Sure the stuff looked fun, but I didn't really need it and decided to wait and get a few things I really want. I did however pick up the Benefit Stay Put Set. For $13 CAN you get a mini Erase Paste, Stay Don't Stray, and Creaseless Creme Eyeshadow in RSVP. I have wanted to try Erase Paste for a while now, but have been leary about spending the $$ on it. I would have liked if I could have gotten light instead of medium, but I think it should blend well enough to work. Exciting! and cheap. Such a wonderful combo :D

Placing an order? Use the code FBGRACE to get a deluxe sample of Philosophy Amazing Grace Shower Gel annnd they are currently giving 5 samples instead of 3. They have some great insiders samples too, but I was 13 points short to get anything (boo!) Happy Shopping!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Face it... You're Perfect!

Up for review today, I have two more products that came in my lovely summer beauty bag (pictured above.) Can you believe I got all of that and a $35 gift card for $35? It is like they gave it away. Anyway, both are HD products that promise to make your face look and feel perfectly smooth and, well... perfect.

Pot size compared to the average eyeshadow
First up is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Micro Finishing Powder. The pot that I received is not the full size product, but it is a "deluxe" sample size. I have to say, it is the teeniest pot I have ever seen. Anyway, they say ...

"HD Micro Finishing Powder from It Cosmetics is the perfect setting powder and all over face finishing powder. This powder is infused with line smoothing hydro collagen, luxurious silk for a poreless finish, and vitamin K to help reduce discolouration. It also contains anti-aging anti-oxidants Vitamins A,C & E to help ward off free radicals throughout the day. The translucent colour works on most skin tones."

Hmmm... While I did like this powder, although every difficult to apply as the pot was so small, I did find that it left me looking a tad pale (paler than usual, not so good) and it takes a bit of "buffing" to achieve a truly translucent look. It also has an odd scent, almost like burnt hair(?) I have pores that are on the large side, so I was hoping that this product would visibly reduce them. I can't say that it did entirely, not as drastic as the photo on the back of the box demonstrates, but there was a subtle difference. The powder feels amazing once on, very smooth, but it does accentuate any dry spots you may have (as most powders tend to do.) All in all, I like this product. I don't know if I would pay the $29 for the full size product. Actually, the shopping channel had this as part of the Showstopper yesterday, and you got the Bye Bye Pores and a bunch of other products for $49.99 but I didn't pick up on it. Looked like a pretty good deal.
Next is Isomers High Definition Primer, this product is also a smaller version than the original, but unlike the Bye Bye Pores, you get a much more generous half size bottle. I was excited to try this product, as I had heard how great other Isomers products work.

The amazing "blue goo" as I call it.
Isomers says "To create a perfect canvas, High Definition Primer from Isomers uses breakthrough technology based on clear, coated microlens spheres and detonated diamonds that blend with skin's natural pigments to help build, amplify, and modify the colour of the skin. Worn alone or under foundation, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, superficial ruddiness and pores for flawless skin with a velvety-smooth finish." I am soo happy with this product! It is amaaazing! Unfortunately it is also always sold out on The Shopping Channel's web site. It is not a wonder, as $20 it is a steal and it makes you face so amazingly soft. I am hooked. This blue jelly-creme works wonders. I want to bathe in the stuff. Only a tiny amount is needed to achieve amazingly (did I use the word amazing enough?) smooth, supple, oh-so-soft skin. It makes foundation apply like a dream. I love it! A must have in my opinion. I will be purchasing the full size whenever it is in stock again.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review: Yves Rocher Nail Polish

I bought these little cuties (Indigo and Lavender) a while ago and they got plunked in my "nail bucket" and stayed there. They were introduced as part of the Aquarelles Vegetals Summer collection. At $3 each these are cute, but little. Really little (3ml as opposed to the average 10 ml)

Size comparison to MAC

I am going to focus on the blue for this post mainly because it is the only one I have used, and if I swatch them both, I won't have much left to actually wear later! Starting off I notices the polish is very thick. Almost too thick. This is actually the second bottle Yves had to send me because the first one was half empty and so thick it was more like glue, so I am not sure if they were having issues with it (as it is also no longer on the web site either.)

tiny bottle= tiny brush

One coat was enough to achieve full opacity, but because the brush is so tiny and the polish is so thick, I had to add a second coat here and there to even out lumps and bumps. I usually can achieve a fairly clean application with polish, but with this stuff I had to do serious clean up. I did learn that the little liner brushes that come with the Maybelline creme eye liners are great for dipping in polish remover for clean ups. I didn't much like the brush for the eyeliner, so it will now become a staple in my "nail bucket."

truest colour depiction out of all photos

Once on, I find that I really love the colour, an inky indigo blue creme, which was what made me buy it in the first place. Of course now I am looking for a dupe, since it won't take much to finish this little thing. I was looking at OPI Russian Navy, the colour is pretty close, but it is a shimmer. OPI's Dating a Royal might work though... Anyone know a good dupe?

Notice my photos?! No more fuzzy close ups. I convinced my dad to trade cameras for a bit. I couldn't do too much with mine. He seems to actually like mine, since it has less features to fuss with. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and he won't want to trade back.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Share a Little Love (or a lot!)

Bloogers are so kind! I have been awarded two (yes, count that tw0!) awards. I am sooo pleased! The first award I am ever so happy to accept is the Sunshine Award, which I received from Tracy at The Daily Mom Diaries.

The rules are that I need to pass this on to 12 lovely bloggers. Here we go!

  1. Productrater!
  2. EleventhofApril
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  7. Imperfectly Painted
  8. Talking Momcents
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  11. ...She Speaks of Beauty
  12. Smart Maman
Congrats everyone! I will be sending this along to everyone shortly.

The second (I am just too popular!) award I've received is the Sweet Blogger Award from Winnie at ElventhofApril. The Rules are that I need to make a post about the award including the picture and who awarded it to you and then send it on to 10 other Sweet Bloggers.

1. Maxed out at 23
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10. CentrallyCalm Savvy Shopper

I will be posting this soon to all you awesome bloggers. Be patient though, I am on what could possibly be the slowest internet connection known to man kind.... Anyway, happy blogging!

Review: Skinn Colour Touch Eye Cheek and Lip Glow

I recently got this product in my Summer Beauty Bag . I have to admit that it was not really one of the products that I was overly excited about. Sure I like blush just as much as any other beauty junkie, but I tend to stay away from creme blushes mainly due the fact that they have a shorter shelf life than pressed powder blushes. I always have about a hundred of any product, so I can't always (usually never completely) finish a makeup product. I did however have the Stila Colour Push Ups and was pretty fond of that.

Anyway, the Skinn Colour Touch Eye Cheek and Lip Glow (I have Teen Tone) is a pretty highly pigmented creme blush. The texture is very nice, smooth and applies very easily. I basically only use it as a blush andI just use my ring finger to dab it on and blend it into my cheeks. It blends super easily and looks very natural. The colour looks really pink in the pot, like a Barbie type pink, but it goes on as the most natural fresh glow. I am very pleased with the both the colour and the quality of the product.

As the name implies, this product can be used on the eyes and lips as well. While I have had no luck using this product as a lip colour, due to the fact that it collects in the lines of your lips (no matter how much balm you use first or how soft and conditioned you lips may be) I have had success using it as an eye colour. I dabbed on some of the cream to the inner half of my lids and blended it out, then I defined the crease with a taupe-ish brown and finished with a dark brown liner (and mascara of course, but that was a given.) I didn't know if that type of pink would work for the eye area but it looked really great, kind of a neutral smoke.

Overall, I like the product. I can't really say if I would spend the $17 to purchase it again... there are so many other products to buy. But if I saw it on sale... who knows. Was worth trying anyhow.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Better than Cupcakes

What could be better than cupcake? Not much really, but free stuff is pretty nice too. I have a new little feature in the sidebar which I think everyone will appreciate... contests and giveaways! Who doesn't love a good contest? Exactly, no one can resist free stuff. Do you blog? Have a contest you want listed? Send me and email or comment here and I will feature it on my sidebar.

Speaking of giveaways, I have one in the works. Want to know more? Become a follower. Already a follower? Make your friends follow. More giveaway details (i.e what you can snag)to come once I reach 100 followers (lofty goals I know.) I am already collecting things I am sure any beauty junkie will enjoy.

And, in the slightly unrelated, but super cute category... cupcake speakers! I so want these.