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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Face it... You're Perfect!

Up for review today, I have two more products that came in my lovely summer beauty bag (pictured above.) Can you believe I got all of that and a $35 gift card for $35? It is like they gave it away. Anyway, both are HD products that promise to make your face look and feel perfectly smooth and, well... perfect.

Pot size compared to the average eyeshadow
First up is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Micro Finishing Powder. The pot that I received is not the full size product, but it is a "deluxe" sample size. I have to say, it is the teeniest pot I have ever seen. Anyway, they say ...

"HD Micro Finishing Powder from It Cosmetics is the perfect setting powder and all over face finishing powder. This powder is infused with line smoothing hydro collagen, luxurious silk for a poreless finish, and vitamin K to help reduce discolouration. It also contains anti-aging anti-oxidants Vitamins A,C & E to help ward off free radicals throughout the day. The translucent colour works on most skin tones."

Hmmm... While I did like this powder, although every difficult to apply as the pot was so small, I did find that it left me looking a tad pale (paler than usual, not so good) and it takes a bit of "buffing" to achieve a truly translucent look. It also has an odd scent, almost like burnt hair(?) I have pores that are on the large side, so I was hoping that this product would visibly reduce them. I can't say that it did entirely, not as drastic as the photo on the back of the box demonstrates, but there was a subtle difference. The powder feels amazing once on, very smooth, but it does accentuate any dry spots you may have (as most powders tend to do.) All in all, I like this product. I don't know if I would pay the $29 for the full size product. Actually, the shopping channel had this as part of the Showstopper yesterday, and you got the Bye Bye Pores and a bunch of other products for $49.99 but I didn't pick up on it. Looked like a pretty good deal.
Next is Isomers High Definition Primer, this product is also a smaller version than the original, but unlike the Bye Bye Pores, you get a much more generous half size bottle. I was excited to try this product, as I had heard how great other Isomers products work.

The amazing "blue goo" as I call it.
Isomers says "To create a perfect canvas, High Definition Primer from Isomers uses breakthrough technology based on clear, coated microlens spheres and detonated diamonds that blend with skin's natural pigments to help build, amplify, and modify the colour of the skin. Worn alone or under foundation, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, superficial ruddiness and pores for flawless skin with a velvety-smooth finish." I am soo happy with this product! It is amaaazing! Unfortunately it is also always sold out on The Shopping Channel's web site. It is not a wonder, as $20 it is a steal and it makes you face so amazingly soft. I am hooked. This blue jelly-creme works wonders. I want to bathe in the stuff. Only a tiny amount is needed to achieve amazingly (did I use the word amazing enough?) smooth, supple, oh-so-soft skin. It makes foundation apply like a dream. I love it! A must have in my opinion. I will be purchasing the full size whenever it is in stock again.
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