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Monday, July 19, 2010

Franken Nail of the Day

My "Dragonette" franken-polish

I was cleaning and organizing my makeup and nail stuff, when I came across two items that I wasn't really into. One was an old white Sally Hansen nail polish, the other an Annabelle Studio Pigment in Dragonette. While I love the band, I just couldn't see myself getting any wear out of the colour. So, being the genius that I am, and remembering that I read an article online about mixing your own polish, I thought I would see what I got.

The pigment, Annabelle "Dragonette"

As you can see in picture above, the pigment is a turquoise-y green. In real life the pigment is rather shimmery, but the end result (as nail polish) is a minted creme turquoise. I am very pleased with the colour, but the finish is slightly matted and needed a coat of top coat for added shine and protection. By using white nail polish as my base I achieve a creme finish but you can also make your own transparent "jelly" type nail polishes by adding pigments (such as loose mineral eyeshadow) into clear nail polish or a sparkled top coat, if you would like a sparkle finish. Want an interesting, and amazing looking use for your polish? Try a gradient look. I have a bunch of pigment samples that I think I am going to use for "jelly" polishes to try the gradient technique out for myself. I'll be sure to post the finished results! Anyone had success making their own custom colours?


  1. Gorgeous color! Thats a really good idea haha :) gotta try it out someday ;)

  2. Thanks! Do try it, you'll have a blast :D

  3. Really cool franken, I already have a nail polish in this color =P


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