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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nail of the Day & Dollarama Find

craft rhinestones perfect for nail art

Who doesn't love finding a deal? A deal that is only $1 is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I was in Dollarama to get little storage organizers (I have been seriously organizing, I am so proud of myself) and I took the time to browse a bit. In the craft aisle I found these little round rhinestones. They look exactly the same as a set I was looking at elsewhere, but that set retailed at $15.99. Yikes! I was pretty pumped to try these out.

Flower detail

I was already wearing Mac Beiged Bliss, and I admittedly was not feeling very inspired, so I picked a few clear stones, and a blue one to make a little flower. I used a coat of clear polish as a base to stick the stones on with and a coat of Essie "to dry for" as a top coat. I just got to dry for and I loove it! I can't beilieve I went this long without it. The stones stuck easily once on, but it took some effort not to drop them with my tweezers. I saw a pair of super slim tweezers in the clearance at my Shopper's and I think I may have to pick them up for this type of thing.

Sparkle headbands only $1 each

I also found two of the cutest sparkle headbands. They really catch the light and they are the perfect thickness, and better yet they have teeth! I hate toothless headbands. After I got them home I thought that they might have been children's, but they fit on my giant head, so yay!

P.S I was thinking about all of you lovelies and picked up an extra pack of stones for my giveaway (coming soon!)


  1. I am looking for rhinestones like those.Wish I find them soon.

  2. HAHA, ii bought like 3 sets of these from dollarama at the beginning of summer LOL
    and i introduced it to 2 of my friends in summer school, and they loved it too~ such a bargain ^_^"

    i ended up buying all 3 diff sets :D


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