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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: Elizabeth Grant Collagen Firming Eye Pads

Individually wrapped eye pads

This product came in the Summer Beauty bag that I ordered a while ago from The Shopping Channel, and I have to admit, it wasn't a product I was into trying. I have seen Elizabeth Grant products on the Shopping Channel before, and honestly flipped right past them. I am a fair bit younger then their main demographic, and have never been interesting in trying anything from her line of products.
With all that out of the way, I was still left with a full size box of these eye pads. I figured I might as well give them a try. "They only take 15 minutes and who knows, they just might work..." I sarcastically mumbled to myself as I fiddled with the box to see exactly what had to be done on my part. Surprisingly, the box is very minimal with descriptions and what not, and only informs you of the basics: put under eye, wait 15 minutes, remove pad, rub extra serum into skin. Unlike most anti-aging products, the package for this product does not try to win you over with promises, hell, it doesn't even tell you what the product is supposed to do. This is what the Shopping Channel website had to say about them:

• Sap from the African Baobabtree is combined with exclusive Torricelumn to help boost the hydration of the deep down epidermal levels helping to open the contours of the eye area & help supply nutrients to the eye lids which help give the appearance of plump, youthful eyes
• Natural German Chamomile & Vitamin E are blended to help keep the eye area calm & soothed for 24 hours
Me all padded up

So, when you open the individual packets, you find two pads (one for each eye, go figure) on a plastic sheet, much the same as tooth whitening or pore strips. The pads are rather large and take up a fair amount of space on your face. The pads themselves feel terribly slimy and just wrong in general when I first put them on, but once they sit, the coolness of the serum is rather soothing and relaxing. As the serum warms to your body temperature you start to forget the are even there. After the 15 minutes I removed the pads. You are then supposed to rub in any remaining serum, but I had been sitting near a fan the first time, so I had little to rub in. The second time I used them I was sure to stay out of the draft, and I had a fair amount of serum left to rub in.

I really didn't think I would be saying this, but this product really works. By the end of the day, or when I am sleep deprived (which is all too often) I tend to get that hollow, sunken type bag under my eyes. Not so much dark, but the anti-puff or reverse puff as I refer to it. Either way it is irritating. Even when your makeup is flawless you look like crud because of the gaping indents under your eyes. Aside from large pores, that is my biggest pet peeve concerning my face. But, all that said, this product really does show visible results. I didn't think it would, and did not take before or afters, but I saw a noticeable difference under my eyes. The depth of the bags was far less noticeable, granted, it was still there but not quite as prominent. I made the mistake of using this product before bed, wasting my results, so I would recommend this as a morning type of product. All in all I am pleased with this product, but I don't know if I would buy re-purchase it. I think my eye issues are something I will just need to deal with... well concealer is always a friend, but self acceptance helps too. *Hopes eye bags hear that, and take off... permanently!* One can always dream...


  1. Thanks for the honest review!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. thanks for this review! i think you have a really cute blog! i'm glad i came across it. :D

    p.s. i am a new follower. visit and maybe follow my blog too? thanks! :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. hmmm a product that does show visible results? count me in! i've been through too many products that dont work... still hoping theres some that do! hehe :)

    alsoo, you have been awarded the "i heart your blog award"! Congrats! you totally deserve it <3

  4. WOW...The pads by NANO are very good too, and like $7 for 6 pairs ;)

  5. @Marie
    Thanks :D

    Glad you like it, you're to kind! I am following your blog now too :)

    Aw, an award! Thanks sooo much!
    I know about bad products, I am such a skeptic... I never think anything will work.

    I'll have to look out for those, I'm not sure what the price for this product was, but I am pretty sure it is more than $7. I love a good deal!

  6. @Bailey- I get them from I am so addicted to asian cosmetics that i practically shop at sasa quite often. Those are called NANO Eye Bright I believe...a must have!

  7. I'm going to check that site out! I have only tried a few Asian items(one of my college room mates was from Korea) but i loved it. Thanks!

  8. looks interesting.. my inlaw is looking for something for under eye so i think i'll send her over here :)


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