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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review: Yves Rocher Nail Polish

I bought these little cuties (Indigo and Lavender) a while ago and they got plunked in my "nail bucket" and stayed there. They were introduced as part of the Aquarelles Vegetals Summer collection. At $3 each these are cute, but little. Really little (3ml as opposed to the average 10 ml)

Size comparison to MAC

I am going to focus on the blue for this post mainly because it is the only one I have used, and if I swatch them both, I won't have much left to actually wear later! Starting off I notices the polish is very thick. Almost too thick. This is actually the second bottle Yves had to send me because the first one was half empty and so thick it was more like glue, so I am not sure if they were having issues with it (as it is also no longer on the web site either.)

tiny bottle= tiny brush

One coat was enough to achieve full opacity, but because the brush is so tiny and the polish is so thick, I had to add a second coat here and there to even out lumps and bumps. I usually can achieve a fairly clean application with polish, but with this stuff I had to do serious clean up. I did learn that the little liner brushes that come with the Maybelline creme eye liners are great for dipping in polish remover for clean ups. I didn't much like the brush for the eyeliner, so it will now become a staple in my "nail bucket."

truest colour depiction out of all photos

Once on, I find that I really love the colour, an inky indigo blue creme, which was what made me buy it in the first place. Of course now I am looking for a dupe, since it won't take much to finish this little thing. I was looking at OPI Russian Navy, the colour is pretty close, but it is a shimmer. OPI's Dating a Royal might work though... Anyone know a good dupe?

Notice my photos?! No more fuzzy close ups. I convinced my dad to trade cameras for a bit. I couldn't do too much with mine. He seems to actually like mine, since it has less features to fuss with. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and he won't want to trade back.
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