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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sale Alert: Benefit "Stay Put" Set

So with today being so blah, and me feeling equally blah and being lucky to have absolutely nothing to do today as my Monday tutoring session was canceled, unfortunately my student called after I was up, dressed and beautified... ugh. Anyhow, there is a slight upside to all of this, I had time to waste time doing one of my most favourite things: browse Sephora!!!

I was already shopping last night (I ordered DuWop Foundation of Youth, only cost me $12!) but I still had a slight urge. You know the one. I looked at about a million things, and had a cart full, but my heart wasn't really in it. Sure the stuff looked fun, but I didn't really need it and decided to wait and get a few things I really want. I did however pick up the Benefit Stay Put Set. For $13 CAN you get a mini Erase Paste, Stay Don't Stray, and Creaseless Creme Eyeshadow in RSVP. I have wanted to try Erase Paste for a while now, but have been leary about spending the $$ on it. I would have liked if I could have gotten light instead of medium, but I think it should blend well enough to work. Exciting! and cheap. Such a wonderful combo :D

Placing an order? Use the code FBGRACE to get a deluxe sample of Philosophy Amazing Grace Shower Gel annnd they are currently giving 5 samples instead of 3. They have some great insiders samples too, but I was 13 points short to get anything (boo!) Happy Shopping!


  1. I paid full price for the erase paste recently and love it. Where are you ordering from Sephora?

  2. Yeah, from Sephora.
    I'm glad to hear you like the erase paste, I've heard mixed reviews (more good than bad though) this pot is sightly smaller than the full size. Full size is 0.15 oz while this one is 0.11 oz.


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