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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review: Mark Lip Click

From left to right: Malt, Bare Hug, Sweetie Pie, Baby Luv, Coral Fixation

Mark (by Avon) has recently introduced a new line of lipsticks... er Lip Clicks as they call them. The name is warranted, as the tubes have a metal ring and the lid has a magnet so when you close it, it "clicks."

"Get this magnetic lipstick that clicks in every way- super coverage, super luscious. Leaves lips moisturized and contains vitamin e." From box.

I have to admit that I am not really a lipstick wearer. Sure I have them, and I like them in theory, but all too often they are just too much hassle. Your lips have to be perfectly moisturized to get a good finish, and then they end up drying your lips or wearing away and leaving your lips half coloured half not. Ugh, gloss is so much less to think about. But, when I saw these I really liked the colours, and all but one (out of the ones I chose) has any shimmer. I love a creme, so I had to at least try them. These lipsticks are pretty much amazing! For these photos I had no lip balm or gloss whatsoever and you can see the shine they give off. They apply smoothly, and have an almost opaque cover, but can be applied lightly for a more sheer cover. They feel like lip balm and wear well. They last about as long as your average lipstick and wear away evenly, so a least your lips look normal.


When I was picking the colours I wanted I almost didn't get this one because it looked very brown, but after trying it I am so glad I got it, as it is a rather neutral brown with a slightly mauve under tone. I think it will be a great fall colour.

Bare Hug

This is a traditional looking nude in the tube, but has a very slight peach tone to it. It is very flattering.

Sweetie Pie

This was colour was my first choice out of all; it is a blue based baby pink. It has a natural pink tone to it on and seems to be a universally flattering. This colour wears very well, as I have had wear problems with colours like this that have a tenancy to settle too much in lip lines.

Baby Luv

I wasn't as into this colour, as it has shimmer, and actually got it by accident. But now that I have worn it, I don't mind it. It is a pink with a slight mauve undertone and shimmer. It wears relatively well, but you do get a bit of "glitter lip" as it wears away.

Coral Fixation

I have to say, normally I would never pick a coral colour, but it looked so good in the tube I had to try it. As you can see in my blurry photo the colour is vibrant without being over the top. I wish I had gotten this earlier in the summer, as it is a perfect summer shade. I liked that with this colour you have a lot of options as to how bright you want it, as you can layer it for a brighter coral or wear it light for just a wash.

I highly recommend picking a few of these up. At $10 each they are an alright price and can be purchased from your local Avon lady or online at

I have to be honest, I sell Avon so I did get a discount on these, but even so my review is 100% honest. If you are thinking of purchasing from and would like me to be your "virtual" representative leave me a comment with a way to get in contact with you (ie email or blog link) as you need to enter my phone number. Then your order will show on my sales history.
It is just like shopping from a rep. but it gets sent to you. Standard shipping is $5.95 across Canada.


  1. Thanks for the review, ive been wanting to try these. Totally love Sweetie pie!

  2. great review. Are you a Mark rep? if you are, you should put a link so that we can all buy off you! :)

  3. Malt is perfect on your lips hunnie (^_^)

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  5. @Tara
    Thanks! Sweetie Pie is my fave too :)

    Thanks! Yeah, I sell Avon (in Canada you have to sell Avon to sell Mark, but in the States you can sell just Mark) I did a little edit on my post.

    Aww thanks! Odd how the one I liked the least, looks the best. I love it now though!

    Thanks! I will most definitely check your blog out :D

  6. i want to buy mark prodcuts so bad!! this post made me want it even more!

  7. I'm in love with Sweetie Pie

  8. Sweetie pie looks gorgeous :)

  9. I like Sweetie Pie!Hope to find that color in this country.

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  11. I love Baby love.Or may it just looks good on you :)

  12. Omg.. Sweetie pie is such a nice colour!!! and bare hug too T_T

  13. Sweetie pie is my favorite!! Super cute!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I like the Mark "cupid pink" very soft and pretty great for the summer time.

  16. I also love the mark lipsticks because they have the magnetic closure lid.

  17. how about for the lips that is not so nice in color? like pale,dark or uneven lip color. what shades of lipstick would you guys recommend? thanks :)


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