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Sunday, September 5, 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen Gunmetal

First fall nails of the season! I picked up a few bottles of Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear over the summer but two were darker shades, so I have waited to use them, but with today's weather (and the forecast for the next week bringing more rain) I thought it was fall-ish enough to bring them out. I know, it isn't officially fall yet, but oh well. Anyhow, the two darker colours I picked up were Emerald City a beautiful dark emerald colour and Gunmetal a well... gunmetal colour.

This colour is a tad more blue than the average gunmetal and you can't see the slight sparkles in person as you can kind of make out in the photo (click to enlarge.) This polish applies really well and I was able to get a fully opaque and (mostly) streak free finish in only two coats. I love gunmetal and I think I will be wearing this one a lot. Wear so far has been alright, other than the strip I took off of my right pointer finger, which was more so my own fault ( I was peeling broccoli.)

I never hesitate to pick up any Sally Hansen colours that catch my eye, as I have never had any major misses and really, she is a classic and the prices are always reasonable. Have you used this brand/colour? What's your favourite colour for fall?


  1. That's a pretty shade! Mine would be deep reds!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. That colour is lovely!


  3. Gostei da cor, tambem compro muitos vernizes :)

  4. I love sally hansen colors too, but I'm finding that they dry soft. What I mean is that they are dentable for hours and hours afterwards. The one time I had a manicure that dried right was with Navy Baby. I forgot to use a base coat. So I am wondering if that might be my problem, sally hansens don't like base coats? I'd do it again with other colors if Navy Baby hadn't stained my nails blue!

    Anyway, since you're obviously happy with your sally hansen manicures, could you give me some tips on the products you use? Base coat, top coat, drying drops? Thanks!

  5. Oh I guess since this is your blog I should be answering your questions instead of rudely barging in and asking mine! lol

    I have 22 Sally Hansens, I just counted. lol But I have no extreme wear. Most of them are the old Salon Nail Lacquer ones, and coolest of all, many are the Tracy Reese ones!

    The closest color I have to gunmetal is a silver LA Colors Color Craze one. On the other hand, since your gunmetal is more of a metallic blue, I have several of those. Another Color Craze, Blue Lagoon, looks very similar and a Maybelline Express Finish in Stone Washed is also a metallic blue that's similar and, get this, I even have an old old old Revlon Streetwear in the color Splash that's a metallic blue but it's closer to the purple end of the color spectrum than your gunmetal.

    My favorite shades for fall are orangey and brown. I don't want a glaring red/orange, more like a tangerine or peachy shade. And in browns it can be anything from beiges to deep dark chocolates. Don't you think bronzes and coppers are the perfect fall shades? They make me think of the leaves turning colors.

  6. I bought this color along with the pink one as soon as the Xtreme collection was released, I really like it! I agree it's a bit more of a Fall color though :)


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